Kinda …… Somewhat ……

…… oh, not even.
Unpacked, that is.

Some rooms look a lot closer than others.
And then there’s the entire second floor.
I try not to go up there.

I will give you a small sneak peek at the chaos that is my life right now.
Well, not so much chaos as …… the cave I’ve only left twice since I got here last Friday morning.

I went to the grocery store on Sunday …… whoop!
Trust me, that’s a sincere “whoop”.
Which means that I badly needed to get out of the house.

Then tonight I went out to dinner with my parents.
It seems strange to live in the same town with them.
Strange, but nice.
After all, it’s been 25 years since that happened.
Twenty five. Wow.
I’m glad I didn’t know then how the next 25 years would play out.

So anyway, back to the peek.
Here you go:

I know this seems obvious, but bear with me.  This was a box of my shoes.

And so was this.
Like I really needed the flippant commentary from the packer.

This is a picture of part of the front of my house.  My phone snapped this shot when I dropped it.
It’s not a great idea to drag boxes out of the house while trying to hold on to your phone.  Even if you really are trying to get some cool pics for your lovely blog readers (they’ll be posted later).

This was the view of my backyard this morning when I woke up.  Fortunately, I had nothing on my calendar except unpacking.
All day long.

I had/have boxes upon boxes of books.
I’ve come to the opinion that books are an awful lot like rabbits.
I swear I didn’t have that many two years ago.

After unpacking all of them and then putting them around the living room in various categories/stacks/piles/heaps, I decided to part with two boxes of them.  I mean really …… how many more times am I going to read Pelican Brief?  Or Life of Pi?

As you can see, the flippant packer had an opinion about my books, too.

Though it kind of looks like these might be very fragile “crasses”, they are not.
It’s my collection of crosses.
Which may one day leave these boxes …… if I can decide where to hang them.   Lord have mercy.

I finally got all of my bedding washed and put on my bed.
Which made one of us very, very happy.                                        And yes, that’s a stuffed teddy bear next to her.                               I think it’s supposed to be a cat toy, but that’s what happens when you’re only 4 pounds.

These boxes need to be moved upstairs.                                         I’m just waiting for the box fairy to show up and do that.                       What?  A girl can dream.

This is the family room, which is close to being done.                           Very, very close.

This is my “breakfast area”.  Most people put a table and chairs here.  That would mean that most people probably have a table and chairs to put there.  I do not.  So now it’s a sitting area, which I really love.

This is the kitchen, obviously.  It’s basically done, though I won’t consider it fully finished until that island is an empty canvas.                           Yes, it might be a while.

Speaking of a blank canvas, this is the dining room.  Which is basically done, except for that wall, which needs some serious help.  If you look closely you can see that there’s a picture leaning against it.  Hopefully it will one day be on that wall, rather than leaning against it.                                   We shall see.

Speaking of serious help …… this room is in dire straights.                 Not the band, the situation.  It’s the living room, but as you can see …… it’s more like the “piano and only the piano room”.  It’s quite small, so there’s not much that can be added, but I’m on a quest.                         A quest to make it like like more than just a room that contains a piano.     It’s going to be a very, very long quest …… so don’t hold your breath.       Of course, just getting all of those boxes upstairs will do wonders.
Not for the upstairs, though.

That’s it.
I told it would be small.

I’d give you more but I’m tired.                                                 Physically, yes …… but mostly I’m tired of boxes.                           I’m leaving for NY on the 31st.

I need to get some rest.                                                         And leave the boxes behind.
They’ll definitely be here when I get back.
Whenever that is.

By the way, Thursday at 1:30 Central Time, it would be great if you all could send up prayers.
Daughter #2 and I (and I think Daughter #3) will be going to court concerning her adoption of Little Man.   Please pray that the morning cases stay on time so that her case isn’t postponed.  Please.
And then of course …… please pray for the obvious.
The best for Little Man.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually see his face the next time I post?
Yeah, me, too.
Thanks, Peeps.                                                                   ❤

4 thoughts on “Kinda …… Somewhat ……

  1. phyllis sisk

    I rarely get to watch Chip and Joanna and figured I would never see your daughter’s episode. One Sunday afternoon, I flipped they channel and there were your daughters. It seemed to cool to see someone on TV that I “knew”. They are so lovely. I am so glad that things seem to be “falling in place” for your family. Enjoy.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Hi Phyllis … so glad that you got to see the show. I’ve heard from a few people who caught it this weekend. A workman told me today that he saw it On Demand, so there’s always that. 🙂

  2. writebrainwidow

    Knew to your blog, I was sucked in from the first post I really got to read today and have to go back to read others so I know the thread of your writing. Good luck on your new digs…..

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Nice to meet you WBW! If you’d like to read from the beginning, this is my first blog:
      Just go to the beginning of that one and read forward. I started it three months before my husband died unexpectedly. It will give you the whole story. If you want it. If not, stay here. 🙂


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