Monthly Archives: June 2021

Tentatively ……

…… planning as life returns to a new normal.
I’m happy to be planning things again but I also feel very tentative about it.
Like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Anyone else feel like that?

I don’t think life will ever return to the “normal” that we knew a year and a half ago.
But it will come close.
And I know we all can’t wait.

I once again have trips planned.
Trips that have been postponed at least once.
Or three times.
The first one is in August.
We’ll see if it really happens.

While I’m excited about being able to travel again, the #1 thing that I canNOT wait for is Broadway opening up.

The day that it was announced that shows will start back up Sept 14th I was on the computer looking for tickets.
They were very hard to come by.
But I scored 2 for The Lion King.
I’m taking Son #3 on Day 2 of the re-opening.
Yes, I’ve seen this show before and I loved it.
But even if I didn’t …… I just want to be sitting in a theatre as soon as I can.
No matter what show it is.
And supporting Broadway.

New York is really coming back to life.
The things that used to make most New Yorkers complain are now making us smile.
The crowds, the lines, the waits.
The tourists.
But now we’re smiling about them and loving them.
I’m giving this “honeymoon period” another week or so.
At the most.

I’m heading back to Texas this weekend to spend the month of June.
I get to spend time with the Littles.
I also get to have some serious dental work done.
And yes, I’m going back to Texas to go to my dentist.
Because serious dental work is much cheaper in Waco.
Even when you count airline tickets.

In July all of the Littles (and their parents) are coming to NY!
My apartment will be full.
To the brim.
I can’t wait.
I’m especially excited to have the two oldest here since they really love it and get excited about being here.
It’s so fun to see things through the eyes of children.

So anyway …… those are all the things I’m tentatively planning.
Hopefully Covid, or some form of it, won’t rear its ugly head at us again.
If it does, then I’m thinking that a colony on Mars is sounding pretty good.