Monthly Archives: October 2016

It’s Been a While ……

…… and I’m not totally sure why.

I had a great time my last few weeks in NY.  Saw a couple of shows, hung out with friends, enjoyed cooler weather.

Then two weeks ago I came to Texas.  Big change.  Huge.  But good.  Except for the warm weather, but that’s slowly changing. Very sloooooooowly.                                                         Patience is a virtue.  Or so I hear.

I’ve been staying busy getting the house finished.  Unpacked the last few boxes, put stuff away, hung up my cross collection (and it’s a doozy!).  I still have a few pics to hang upstairs.               I’ve been putting furniture together and rearranging things, you know …… just trying to make everything feel like home.                                                                                                                         And it’s working.

Of course it’s been hugely wonderful to be around J Bear so much.  We’ve gone to the zoo two weekends in a row.  He’s spent the night a couple of times and seems to love coming to Gigi’s house.  At the moment he’s very terribly two and you never know what will set him off (oh, the memories!), but so far I can usually talk him down and make him laugh himself out of them.     So far.  🙂

I haven’t met many people yet, but am working on it.  I’m working my way through a short list of churches …… haven’t settled on one yet.                                                                                                  I’m playing Bunco Thursday night and am really looking forward to that and the chance to meet some fun ladies.

I also got a gig writing movie reviews for our community magazine so that should be interesting. Hopefully.

So things are going well and I’m happy and content.  Most of the time.  I’ve been going through a wave of missing Jim more lately.  I can’t put my finger on it, but it may be because I’m seeing more of the kids, especially Daughter #2 of course, since she lives here.  Maybe in seeing them, I’m reminded of how much he’s missing, and of how much they’re missing him.

Oh, and Gracie is doing well.  She’s as fun and playful and sometimes aggravating as usual so all is well in her department.  She’s definitely going to have to improve in one area:  the house backs up to a golf course (I don’t know what hole) but when she sees golf carts go by or golfers walking by she goes nuts and starts barking.  One would think that she’d get to used to them and stop paying attention to them …… wouldn’t one?                                                                        For the love of all that is holy she’d better because there are days when that barking can just set my teeth on edge.  Fortunately for her …… those days are few and far inbetween, but they’re there.                                                                                                                                                              It’s a good thing she’s so cute.

OK, that’s it for now.  I had planned to give you a post with a lot of pictures, but it’s 10:45, about 20 minutes past my bedtime (which, for some odd reason, is so much earlier here …… must be the Texas air) and I’m tired.  Doing a post with a lot of pics is sooooo much work.  (Yes, that was me, whining.)  It’s not that you’re not worth it.                                                                                      It’s just that you’re not worth it tonight.    😉

I’ll try to do better and not let so much time go by between postings.  Try.