Post Quarantine ……

…… Day 4.

Another title for this post could be, “My Current Life …… in Pictures”.

So, yeah.
I’m a free woman.
Who managed to make it out of Covid hell, otherwise known as Texas, and into NY without getting the virus.
UNLESS …… they discover that one of the symptoms of Covid 19 is a UTI.
Then I totally had it.
You heard it here first.

So I spent the morning of my first day of freedom walking around the city.
It was great to be out and getting to see my city.
It was also strange.
And eerie.
And sad.
Oh, and I shouldn’t leave out …… hot.
Although I have to tell you that the term “heat wave” …… is totally relative.
Everyone keeps going on and on about the heatwaves the city is experiencing.

Ya’ll …… it’s hard to keep a straight face when people complain about this.
Someone was moaning about it the other day.
The high that day was 91.
In July in Texas that’s known as a cold front.

So anyway, back to walking around the city.
I think it’s the safest time to be a pedestrian since this place was known as New Amsterdam.
I kid you not.
I walked all morning …… with and against the lights. I had to pause for cars only twice. And for only two cars.
I felt like I was on the set of a post-apocalyptic movie.
For real.

Here are some pics:

See what I mean?
Recognize Times Square?
I didn’t think so.

There are so many boarded up, permanently closed stores and restaurants here that it’s beyond depressing.
We all hope that the city will come back.
It always has.
But this …… this is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced.

It’s still home to me and I’m going to support it however I can.
For as long as I can.

Gracie and I have made a few trips to the Park.

She refused to look at the camera.
Such a diva.
There are still people walking and sitting in Central Park, though thousands less than usual.
And those turtles?
I think they’ve noticed the difference.
My opinion is that they’re hungry.
When you walk up to the edge of the water they all come swimming over to the side.
Like they’re waiting for you to throw some bread in.
And when you walk along the edge …… they all follow you.
All of them.
That’s a lot of hungry turtles.
(I could be totally wrong on this. Maybe they just liked me. Or Gracie. Maybe they were lonely and just wanted the company. Although with that many other turtles surrounding your turtle body …… it seems like the last thing you’d want to do is swim amongst all of them. I’d be out in the middle somewhere, enjoying the peace. And space. But that’s just me.)

The night before I got out of quarantine there was a Black Lives Matter bike ride protest that went by my building.
I would’ve loved to be riding with them.

Yesterday I had a grocery delivery so I got to play with some dry ice.
I FaceTimed with Grandson #1 to share this with him.
He was less enthralled than I was.
I love playing with this stuff.
It brings back great memories of theatre days.

Speaking of Grandson #1, he and his brother and mom are doing a staycation of sorts with Daughter #3, her hubby and Granddaughter #1. Also known as my only granddaughter.
I know.
I could just melt.

Yesterday I had an appointment so I took the subway.
Oh, stop gasping and shaking your head.
It’s perfectly safe.
And almost perfectly empty.

This is the station at Columbus Circle.
Those stairs are never that empty.

Hey! Look what I finished:
Me, too.

Here’s an example of part of my day today.
I’d love to say that this is a unique situation, but it happens to me on a daily basis.
I was on the computer on a Zoom call this morning.
When it ended I checked my email and remembered that I needed to get some papers and info gathered up for my attorney.
So I walked into my bedroom where my filing cabinet is.
I pulled out the papers that I needed.
They’re right there, on my bed.

That’s as far as they made it because for some reason I decided to walk into my bathroom.
Here’s a similar picture, but pulled back a bit so you can just make out the entry to the bathroom on the left. That’s to give you some perspective.
You’re welcome.

The next thing I know, this is happening in my bathroom.
And in my half bath:

I cleaned out the litter boxes.
I don’t know.
Because they’re there.

This little scenario is also called, “If You Give Gigi a Job”.
And don’t laugh too hard.
I know several of you who can totally relate.

Of course I can’t end this post without showing you a picture of Grandson #3.  With his Dad, who, when we went to Italy for 2 weeks back in 2015, ate pizza every single day. Sometimes twice a day.
He knows what he likes.


That’s all for now.
The last two days have been kind of quiet because I walked so much earlier in the week that my feet have blisters.
They’re in shock (my feet, not the blisters).
They haven’t walked this much since January.
When I was last here.
I hope they toughen up soon.
They’re keeping me down.
Damn feet.

Have a great weekend.
Stay safe.
Social distance.
Wash your hands.
And please, for the love of God and all that is holy, wear a freakin’ mask.

Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Post Quarantine ……

  1. Lori Bartok

    Ok, so I read the whole post, sympathized with your Covid jail, missing the family, etc. My takeaway??? You have Laguiole flatware!!! LOL I worked for a man who imported and sold it in the States! So shallow, I know. 💜💜💜 Happy you are out of jail and able to enjoy your city.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Hi Lori, I hate to burst your bubble, but I think what I have must be a knockoff. I’d never heard of that flatware before now so I Googled it. I don’t even remember where or when I got these, but I shall now be more impressed with them. Even if they’re fake! LOL!

    2. mysecondplana Post author

      Okay, Lori …… I stand corrected. Upon closer inspection it turns out that you know your flatware! They are indeed Laguiole. I think I only have the 4 steak knives and still have no idea where they came from. Had I known that they were a little impressive I certainly would’ve taken better care of them! ROFL!!

      1. Lori

        I knew it! 😊 I sold that stuff for 4 years.
        Check out the La Maisonnette album on my FB page and you will see the mid-range version that retails for over $500 for 6 knives. Your set retails for about $75 retail. The highest level sells for over $1000 for 6 knives. They are handmade with wood handles. They are exquisite.

      2. Lori Bartok

        Reply #2. On closer inspection it looks like you have the mid-range set. Not the entry level set. 😊

  2. Jo Ann Cook

    I’m glad to see you’re out walking again; and best of all, taking pictures. I love your photos of the “quietness” of our Covid cities. Unbelievable! I’m singing “Covid, Covid go away” and wearing a mask. Love to you and yours!

  3. Dionne

    I’m glad your home! I always enjoy your posts.
    Crazy to see first hand the streets of New York.
    Stay safe sweet girl, hugs Dionne

  4. Cindy Deere

    Your pics of the city are amazing to me. Houston does NOT look like that (which may be why we are having a COVID spike instead of getting it under control). The pics of the city made me think of the Bocelli at the Duomo concert that he did for Easter this year. Did you catch it? I cried through it. Not sure if it was the beauty or the stillness (or the pain meds from the back surgery I’d had about a week before Easter). It’s probably still on YouTube if you missed it …


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