Quarantine: Day 13 ……

…… or, for my friends who are Broadway lovers ……



It really has kind of flown by.
In a slow motion, isolated kind of way.

It really hasn’t been that bad.
I’ve managed to get a lot of reading done.

I’ve done some painting.
Nothing big.
Just this.
You may remember it from last year.
I hadn’t worked on it since then.

This painting will be the death of me.
No, not really.
But it is going to potentially make me go blind.
I mean, LOOK at that bottom right section!
Can’t see it closely?

Yeah, I know.
We’ll see if I finish it.

Okay, I just went to my pictures to find the first picture of this painting that I posted.
I was wrong.
It wasn’t last year.
It was in November of 2018.
So I got side tracked.
It happens!
This is what it looked like then and what it still looked like a few days ago when I started on it.

I also have this out to work on:

Don’t fall for that.
It’s been out since I left in February.
(Are you starting to see a theme here?)
I haven’t touched it since I’ve been back.
Well, I started to.
I mean, I sat down at the table and looked at it.
For about 20 seconds.
Then I heaved a sigh, got up and that was that.
No, I have no idea why.

But hey …… I have kept these alive!

Aren’t you impressed?
You are if you know me and my past desire to not have anything extra alive in my house.
Six kids was enough.

Look closely …… I know it’s hard with that amazing view capturing your attention …… but do you see those yellow butterflies on some of the plants?
Those are gnat traps.
I came home to find gnats had taken roost among my plants.
Don’t even.

Anyway, just in case you’d like to know …… those sticky little devils are very, very difficult to pull off of a dog’s butt.
Or so I’ve heard.

Especially after said dog sat down on her butt with it attached.
I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination.
(It wasn’t pretty.)
(Or so I’ve heard.)

Okay, that’s it.
I’m sure I’ve made you laugh at least once so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

But, always being generous with you, my readers, I’m also going to leave you with this, in celebration of only having one day more, my all-time favorite Carpool Karaoke.
You are very, very welcome.

6 thoughts on “Quarantine: Day 13 ……

  1. zagirl2k

    I have that same door puzzle. Let me know if you’re missing an edge piece by the white and brown door on the left. Ours actually had a duplicate piece. I worry about whoever is missing that piece somewhere in the world.


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