Saturday ……


…… in the Park …… I think it was the month after July.

Are you humming it now? Of course, I know that I changed up the lyrics a bit, but only one word.
So go ahead …… hum it!
I’ll wait ……

Good job!

So, yeah …… today was a beautiful Saturday. Some friends from our building and I met up in the Park this evening and had a wonderful time.
Lot of people were out. We don’t have to wear masks while we’re sitting and social distancing, but once we get up to leave they all went right back on.
(So, no negative comments, please.)

That’s really all I’ve got.

Oh, except for this.

If you had a choice, which view would you choose?


Or this:

I’m thinking about changing my view, but I think I’d miss the current one too much.
Something to ponder anyway.

I hope that you enjoyed your Saturday, too.
And your Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Saturday ……

  1. Jo Ann Cook

    After seeing your friends from your building in the park, it would be difficult to leave your current apartment. But, you know good reasons to move to a new apartment; you’ve made good decisions in the past; so I’d trust your judgment. As to the view, I love the first one. You’ll have to tell your readers what you decide. Love, Jo Ann


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