My Heart Hurts ……


…… for a friend who is now a member of this horrible club called “widowed”.

The news of her husband’s sudden death shocked me and broke my heart. She is such a wonderful, kind and loving person. She’s kept up with me over the years and has always shown me love and support.
Her husband was a wonderful man who loved people and loved Jesus.
Death doesn’t discriminate.

There are just no words.

There’s only pain.

My heart hurts for the pain that she’s experiencing.
It hurts to know that she has to feel the things I’ve felt.
And still feel.

I hate this.
Grief sucks.
Death sucks.

I wish I could do something to take her pain away.
But I can’t.
No one can.
And that also sucks.

Love your people.
As hard as you can.
Because you never know.

5 thoughts on “My Heart Hurts ……


    I’m so sorry for her and for all of us. The gift you have to give her is to show her she can survive this because you have. Lord knows I’m not saying it isn’t horrible and many times I’ve wished I would die rather than hurt this much. And yet I’m still here. Thank you for writing our grief so honestly. You have a gift

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  2. oakhoopscoach

    Oh Janine I am so sorry for all who are hurting. There may not be words but i know you will be there for her,
    like you have been for so many of us. Prayers for all.

  3. Jeanne Schneider

    And there are a lot of people who love her and will be here for her, but still not the same. She lost the love of her life and her life will never be the same. Love and prayers daily for her.

  4. Jo Ann Cook

    Janine, thank you for these words that cover my thoughts so well. You’ll never know how much I remember now your expressions of grief many years ago. The echoes of those words comfort me as I face my new reality. Thank you. I love you.❤️


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