Being Quarantined With Children ……


…… should not be a thing.

It really shouldn’t.
And before you think I’m horrible for saying that, especially since I’m quarantined (read: stuck) with two of my delightful littles …… know that I love them with the fierceness of a thousand suns.
And can be driven up the wall just as fiercely.

I think that if our government would’ve been better prepared for a pandemic (hahahahahaha!) they would’ve thought through this scenario.
Or they should have.

If you’re going to have a pandemic then I think you should have professionals standing by to be stuck (read: quarantined) with young children.
And by professional I mean anyone who signs up.
After a background check, of course. I’m not an idiot.

Now, I’m not talking about babies. I would love to be quarantined with a baby. Especially one of my two new ones (one I’ve yet to see in person …… sigh).
No, I’m talking about any child between the age of 18 months (when the Terrible Twos/Terrific Twos (whatever) usually start and oh, …… 13. This could be stretched to the age of 18 if enough parents sign a petition.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for these two precious (read: precocious) little boys. They make me laugh and they touch my heart on a daily basis.
They also make me very grateful.
Mostly grateful that I don’t have to raise them.
I did my time.
I’m good.

They are wonderful little creatures who can be loving on one another one minute and then trying to see who can throw a toy at the other one the hardest a split second later.
They can be happily engaged in a project, making you stare in wonder at their creativity and intelligence.
Then they can then turn on a dime, screaming that the crayon broke, the Lego wheel fell off or the paper tore, making you stare at them in wonder at their ability to reach decibels you thought only possible on an Air Force jet.

Their ability to switch between calm and rage (and back) amazes me.
One would think you might need to warm up before going from zero to sixty.
Not these guys.
They are professionals.

I realize that they won’t be little for long.
I know that each phase they go through won’t last.
(Even though they feel like forever when you’re in them.)
I know that this time is precious and that I’m blessed to be able to be with them.

And yes, it’s better to be stuck down here than in Covid-19 riddled NYC.
I may think differently tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Being Quarantined With Children ……

  1. Mollie Baney

    I’ve been thinking about you, and wondering where you are during all of this. Glad it’s not NYC!! I’m “stuck” at home with my 20 daughter, and I just need to drink more wine. This too shall pass!! (But when??????) 😬😳🤬🤣 Take care!

  2. Sarah Wursche

    You are such a gifted writer. I understand everything you are experiencing during this difficult time. After my second flood I spent 4 1/2 months with my son and family. 5 and one year old girls. Love them so much but never had space or time for myself. Now due to this pandemic I am not allowed to see them. It has been very hard. Stay strong friend. God has this.

  3. lifelossandhope

    I hear you, sister! I haven’t seen my grandsons for a week – only a week – and I think I’m in grandson withdrawal! With my daughter being pregnant, we decided to wait 2 weeks until they come over again because I went to the supermarket and I just don’t want to risk exposing her or them. But we FaceTime. I. miss those three adorable boys! And yes, she’s having another boy…


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