So Much Can Happen ……

…… in only one day.

My wonderful friend and sister, Jeni, planned for us to go out for lunch today. And when I say “out”, I mean out.
We drove to Connecticut. Greenwich, that is. And it was lovely.
We both needed to get some fresh air …… and to give words to the feelings we’ve been feeling.
It was lovely. And therapeutic for both of us. Which goes to prove that friends don’t have to be widowed in order to understand feelings of grief, of feeling overwhelmed …… of wanting to throw in the towel.

I’d never been to Greenwich before. I think I can check it off of my list (even if it wasn’t ever on my list). We did have a delicious lunch. Then we walked around a bit in the downtown area.
I think we had the most fun at a store where the sales person/manager/owner/whoever thought she was all that and a bag of chips.
Jeni was admiring some cool glass items that looked more like bud vases than what they were …… champagne flutes. They really were neat. I thought about getting them for a few minutes because they were so different. They were really just glass tubes, all etched with different designs.
The moment that I decided to not buy them was when I heard Jeni asking the above mentioned person if they could be used as a vase (pronounced vase, with a long a and an s. Like face, but with a v.)
The woman replied, “Yes, I’ve used one as a vaz.” (Pronounced vahz, only with one’s nose up in the air so that one can look down upon the person to whom one is speaking.)
My purchase plans immediately flew out the window.
And of course I had to sidle up next to Jeni and join her in pronouncing words in the least hoity toity way possible. It was now a case of Houston vs Greenwich. And Greenwich lost this day.

What a crack up. And what a snob.
I will refrain from judging the whole of Greenwich based upon this one woman, but she’s the reason I feel I can check it off of my list.
Oh well. There are many, many places in this area that need visiting. Too many to make return visits to most.
Especially if I have to say “Vahz, dahling.”
No, I doubt that I’d ever have to say that there again, but you get the point.

While we were driving about I received an email from a new friend (thanks to Jeni) who asked if I wanted to go see a “Downton Abbey” event tonight. It was a viewing of the first show of the 6th, and last, season, plus a Q&A session with the cast.
Did I?! You bet!!

See why I love this city? You never know what, or who, is around the corner. And if you’re flexible enough …… you’re bound to have some great experiences.

Tonight was one of those experiences. It was fun and cool and great. I loved the first episode, though it ended far too soon for me. And the Q&A was a lot of fun.

But the best part of the night? I made a new friend. And tomorrow we’re going to see NPR’s traditional reading of “A Christmas Carol” with Kathleen Turner as one of the main readers.

So yay for getting out. And yay for new friends.

My insurance problem has been solved. I had to compromise, so I’m not thrilled with the result, but it’s better than it was two days ago.
I’m working on the mortgage problem, and keeping my hopes up that it will work out without getting attorneys involved. And nasty words like “foreclosure”. The signs are good at the moment.

I’m enjoying my little tree. Especially at night when I turn all of the lights off, except for the white lights on the tree. Jim and I used to sit together in the dark, after all of the kids were in bed, and enjoy the peace and beauty of the lights on the Christmas tree.
I’m glad that I still can enjoy that.
And the memories it brings.

Gracie managed to do well in our therapy dog class last night, in spite of missing the class before.
I was sweating it for a few minutes, but she pulled through. Whew!
Two more weeks and then one makeup class to graduation.

That’s it for today.
But then, that’s a lot for one day, right?
Hopefully you’re all satisfied and as ready for bed as I am.
I’ll give you some pictures just to make it even better.

Now go to bed.
You need your rest.

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