What a Difference ……

…… a week makes.
The above picture pretty much says it all about last week.
Thankfully, that was last week. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  I’m feeling 100% better.

Here are some pictures from this past week:

This isn’t a very good picture, but it’s a sight I love to view …. my Christmas tree at night. So peaceful.  And such good memories of sitting with Jim in the peace and quiet and enjoying a similar view.

This was a store in Greenwich, CT.  Yeah.  Pink Chicken.  It’s a children’s clothing store.  If you can explain this to me you’re much smarter than I am.  Or maybe just more worldly.

This is Kathleen Turner.  I met her last night at a small reception before a radio program which was the 6th annual reading of “A Christmas Carol”.  She was Scrooge.
In the program, not in real life.  She was very nice and very friendly.  She spent some time chatting with us.  Pretty cool, huh?

This is part of the cast of the program.  The man on the far right is the sound effects guy for “A Prairie Home Companion”.  It was fun to watch him work. (If you want to watch this, or listen to it, you can find info about it here.)

This was the scene on my way home after the program.  Not exactly the sight you want to see while waiting for the subway.  I have no idea what they were doing, but after waiting for about 20 minutes and noting that they didn’t seem to be any closer to accomplishing whatever it was they were trying to accomplish, I opted for a different subway.

I took these pictures tonight after I got these puppy Christmas sweaters.  I’d love to tell you that Gracie enjoys being a fashionista, but she does not.  If you could see her eyes clearly you’d be able to see the shame and blame pouring out of them.  If she could speak I know she’d say, “Why do you hate me?”
But …… as a mother of 6 …… I’m ok with that.  If I didn’t embarrass at least one of my kids once a week then I wasn’t doing my job.  She is now a sort of replacement child so she has to suck it up.

So yeah, this week has been going better than the last.  The only negative thing is …… my friend Jeni is now holed up in her apartment with a cold.  She probably got it from me after the drive to and from Greenwich, although I felt pretty good that day and didn’t have a fever. But I feel guilty.
See the price you pay for being my friend?  I’m a cross to bear.                                                       But I’m fun.  🙂

This week brought my last BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class of the year and my last ASL 2 (American Sign Language) class.  Both will start back up after the new year (well, it’ll be ASL 3).  I’m enjoying and learning a lot from both.  We’re studying the book of Revelation in BSF.  It’s starting to get deep and of course more and more interesting.  I love being involved in a Bible study with so many different women of different backgrounds, churches, perspectives, races, ethnicities and ages.  It’s been a great study.

OK, I just saw a news item that declared that using punctuation when text messaging “shows insincerity and annoyance”.                                                                                                         Ummmmm …… what the what?!  I thought it just showed intelligence and a correct use of grammar.  Who the heck did they poll for this?  You can bet your bippy it wasn’t anyone over the age of 40.  And yes, I just aged myself royally by using the word bippy.

Before I close I’ll leave you with a question.  As you know by now I never get political on my blog(s), but I don’t really think this is really a political question.   Yet I feel that it must be asked……                                                                                                                                                   Does anyone else suspect that his real name is Donald “Adolph” Trump?

7 thoughts on “What a Difference ……

  1. Mom

    You make me laugh. I’m so glad you’re feeling better this week. And I’m pretty sure you’ve got the Donald pegged.

  2. Estralita

    Thanks Janine! Your posts helps me a lot with my grieve.
    You have Trump but he is not president .
    We are not so lucky – South Africa has a president that is much worse.
    Please pray for us – we desperatly need all prayers.

  3. Chris, who lurks

    Wow, I’m delurking twice in a week! LOL. But, first I also was sick all last week that picture looks all too familiar. Next, I too was appalled when I read the article on punctuation and text messages. I (foolishly) also thought it was a sign of intelligence. Pardon me while I gag a little. Which is a nice segue to Adolph, I mean Donald. Suddenly I don’t feel as well as I did…;)


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