Double Wow ……

…… I cried again.

But a good cry.
You guys blew me out of the water with all of the comments …… and support …… here and on FB.
I really didn’t know that more than a handful of people read this blog. I hoped that some widowed people had found me, but I figured it was only a few.
Wow ……

Thank you SO much for the comments.
Thank you for your very kind words.
Thank you for your anger.
And thank you for the love I felt.
Wow ……

A friend messaged me last night and let me know that I was not alone in receiving that kind of comment from that person.
I was sorry that she had endured that, but I was also glad that it wasn’t just me.
And then I felt sad.

I’m sad for the person who I thought was a friend. Not a close friend, but a friend anyway.
I’m sad that something is going on in her life that causes her to try to hurt people, and cloaking it in “God”.
God doesn’t need a cloak.

I’m sad for her.
All I can do is pray for her …… and ask you to do the same.
And that’s all I’m going to say about that …… from here on out.

Yesterday was a big theatre day for me.
And a busy day.

My friend J and I walked to our book club meeting. The hostess lives about an hour from us, over by the U.N.
I love walking here. No matter how many blocks/miles.
But I don’t enjoy the humidity.
Yes, you’d think I’d be used to humidity since I happen to spend most of my life in one of the most humid places on earth …… south Texas.
But in Texas, we don’t walk everywhere we go.
That would just be insane.

And it’s October for cryin’ out loud!! It’s supposed to feel like fall up here!
By the time we got to the apartment, we were both pretty drenched.
And not from rain.

But we had a great meeting and a really good discussion about the book.
And I learned that …… if I cram the reading of a book in a little over 24 hours …… I remember it well enough to join in the discussion …… and know what I’m talking about!!
Who’d a thunk?!

BTW, the book is The Museum of Extraordinary Things, by Alice Hoffman. It’s good. It’s weird. But good.

After that J and I decided to walk to the theatre to see if we could get tickets to see “The Country House”, with Blythe Danner.
And we did!!!
It was very good.

We also walked past the library,

and by Bryant Park, where they’re already putting up the skating rink!

After the play I sat in Times Square, soaking up the people, the fun and the weirdness.

Then I met my friend B at Carmine’s for dinner.
And a blood orange margarita.
Yes, they were as good as they look.
Don’t be jealous.

After dinner we went to see “Pippin”. And I enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw it.

And the really cool thing, for me, was that this lady was in it!
I know you can’t really tell who that is, so I’ll tell you.
Cuz I’m nice like that.
It’s Lucie Arnaz.
You know, the daughter of Lucille Ball.

She happened to star in the very first Broadway show I saw …… “They’re Playing Our Song”.
And I LOVED that show. I still have the album.
And still listen to it.

After the play they held a Talk Back, which is when people from the show (producers, directors, actors, etc) hang out to discuss the show and answer questions. I love it when a Talk Back is included. The person who chatted with us was Stephen Schwartz, the composer and lyricist of “Pippin”. Forty years ago.
Wow ……




This theatre (Music Box Theatre) happens to be on a street with a ton of wonderful shows.





I’m heading back to TX on Sunday, which is why I’ve seen so many shows this week. I try to cram them in when I’m getting ready to leave.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, but only for a week.
But I’ll be back in December …… I bought a one way ticket.
Double wow ……

1 thought on “Double Wow ……

  1. Angela

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? I think that you have been nothing but brave, strong, independent and such a rock throughout this whole tragedy. Not to mention an inspiration to others. You cannot just erase your feelings of love and grief for Jim. He lives in you and your children and I totally get the bittersweet feeling that must overcome you when something wonderful happens in your life. The wonderful blessing of Little Bit and the bitter reality that Jim is not physically here to cherish him with you. Just know that Jim is with you in Spirit and I’m sure that he is watching over and just as in love with the baby as you and your children are.

    (You can’t change crazy)


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