The FBI Rejected Me ……

…… well, not me so much as my fingerprints.
And OF COURSE they did.

In order to be able to take care of Little Bit, to be alone with him, I had to take a CPR/AED/FA course, which I did.
I had to have a background check.
Which I did.
(I think I passed. Haven’t heard otherwise, but ya know ……!)
I had to send in copies of my driver’s license and insurance.
Which I did.

And I had to get fingerprinted.
Which I did.
Twice now.

Because the FBI didn’t like my fingerprints.
The Department of Family Protective Services thought they were fine.
Dopey FBI.

So this morning I drove across town to get re-takes. Hopefully we’ll know in two or three days if the second time’s the charm.

The woman who took them this morning said that she’s only seen one person have to do them three times.
I have no doubt that I could be the second.
But I’ll think good thoughts and stay positive.
Dumb FBI.

So I went to OSU’s Homecoming last weekend.
Here’s where I have to take a moment to tell you that our Homecoming is the biggest one in the world.
Which really means in the United States, since no other country does Homecoming.
A moment of silence please …… for you to feel the awe and wonder.
I know.
It’s pretty thrilling.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the football game. Which is only a side note of the entire week.
Yes, week. Not just a Homecoming Weekend.
We have a Homecoming Week.
And it’s a pretty big deal.
If you went to school there.

Needless to say, I had a great time.
In spite of the game.
Here’s how much of a side note it is: it was SO FREAKIN’ HOT, that Vicki and I didn’t stay for the whole game.
No kidding. We were beyond melting.
She had to be in a wheelchair so we had to sit in a wheelchair section.
That was kind of redundant, wasn’t it?

Anyway, we left early.
We didn’t stay for the 4th quarter.
We didn’t stay for the 3rd quarter.
Ummmm …… we also didn’t stay for the second quarter.
OK, I’ll cough it up (gross!) …… we stayed for about 15 minutes.
I know.
I’m hanging my head in shame.

OK, I’m totally not doing that.
Because we were MELTING, people!!
So I pushed out of the oven of a stadium, and we headed out for the Student Union, where we thought we could sit and watch the game on a big screen.
Chilling in some AC.
But somewhere between the stadium and the Student Union …… we decided that, in addition to air conditioning …… we needed alcohol.
I think Vicki was so hot that she was beginning to get a bit insane. She said something about air conditioning and getting drunk.
And I did not argue.
Because you don’t ever argue with an insane person.

So we abandoned the idea of the Student Union …… just as we approached it …… and headed back the way we came …… toward Eskimo Joe’s.
If you’ve never heard of Eskimo Joe’s, then all I can say is …… I’m sorry.
It’s a pretty big deal.
It’s a MUCH bigger deal now than it was when we went to school there. It was a dark hole-in-the-wall back in the day.
Now …… not so much.
Commercialism, anyone?

Anyway, we pushed our way in …… or rather, I pushed our way in …… and we found a tight little corner to squeeze into and we had a couple of margaritas while we watched the game, and attempted to lower our body temperatures.
Right after I picked up our second margaritas, Vicki remembered that she had possession of the car keys.
So we downed the drinks (or, we may or may not have poured them into a plastic water bottle for a “go cup”) and then I pushed our way back to the stadium to find the car.
We returned to our very, very cool hotel and we finished watching the game in my room.
Well, not so much as finished it, as got totally fed up with it and shut it off.
It’s hard to be a Cowboy some years.

But we had fun and I got to spend some time with Son #3, so all in all …… a great Homecoming.
In spite of sweating buckets.
Of sweat.



The crowd seems to grow every year!
See?  I told you it was a big deal!

I don’t know where this kid got the balloon cowboy hat, but
it’s adorable!!!


This is Vicki, being pushed by her husband.
Pushed in a good way.

Sorority sisters.  I love the love.

I just like this …… I saw it in a store.




This is Vicki’s family’s dog, Murphy.
He totally cracks me up.  He thinks he’s human.

On Friday I’m heading back to NY.
I’ll be seeing Hugh Jackman next week.
On Broadway.
In a play called, The River.
I know!!!!!

I have no idea what the play’s about.
I don’t do much research before I go see a play.
No. Strike that.
I don’t do any research before I go see a play.
I don’t want to get any pre-conceived notions …… or any opinions based on reviews.
I like to go in as a clean slate.
Which is pretty much what my brain seems to be much of the time these days.

So I’m looking forward to that.
Because …… hello!!! It’s HUGH!!!!

I saw him twice in “The Boy From Oz” back in 2004.
Back in my “before” life.
I wish I’d seen it another three or four times.
It, and he, was amazing.

I’ve also been working on a secret project.
And that’s all I’m going to say about that.
I’ll tell you about it before long.
But not now.
Because it’s a SECRET!!!

So that’s all for now.
I may write a post about a totally frivolous lawsuit that came our way last week.
But not tonight.
I’m trying to enjoy a stress-free evening.
In spite of really wanting to fly to Alabama and slap a couple of people.
Breathe ……

Namaste, Peeps.

2 thoughts on “The FBI Rejected Me ……

  1. Michele Cochrane

    I and one of my flying buddies refer to him as ‘Huge Snackman.’
    You’re welcome.
    Enjoy the play…


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