Barre, Broadway, Blisters and ……

…… The Blacklist!!

So, yeah, I finished Season 1 yesterday. I am now ready to watch Season 2! Whoop!
Tonight!! Double Whoop!!!

Yesterday was a busy day.
I went to barre class in the morning (I’ve now gone 3 days in a row, and yes, it’s still killing me), then came back to relax and finish The BL.

For those of you who were under a rock this past weekend (or who don’t live in NY), NYC had what has been purported to be THE largest climate rally in history.
Which begs the question: How long have we been having these rallies because this is the first time I ever heard of it.
There were over 400,000 people at this event. And it all started just down the street from my apartment …… at Columbus Circle.
Which looked a whole lot like this:
There were people EVERYWHERE!!
The parade was so big (How big was it?!) that, for people standing somewhere along the middle of the route, it took over an hour and a half for the parade to reach them. It was 3 miles long and took over 5 hours to complete.
Climate March


I wasn’t too bothered by the parade and the massive amount of people. I had a show to go see in the afternoon, but I thought that I would be avoiding the masses since I was going in the other direction.
Completely and totally WRONG!
I had no idea how massive the rally was nor that the multitude was spilling over in streets in every direction!
So my plan to leave 30 minutes before the show was, in hindsight, a pretty stupid plan.
On a nice day it only takes me 20 minutes to get to the Theatre District/Times Square. And yesterday was a nice day (although it was too warm, but there you go) …… so I didn’t think twice about my timing.




I ended up running at least half of the distance to the theatre. Running where I could find space to run.
Running in and around somewhere around 400,000 people.
Running, in boots.
Running, in boots with heels.
My feet are still ticked off at me.

I arrived at the theatre less than 5 minutes before curtain.
I had a huge blister on the bottom of both feet.
And I was drenched in sweat.
Fortunately, this is what I was seeing:
It’s not what you call a “dressy” show.

It’s the third time I’ve seen it. Twice with Neil Patrick Harris (sigh ……) and yesterday with Andrew Rannells (whom I saw in “The Book of Mormon”). He was very, very good.
He’s not Neil, but no one is (sigh ……). But he was certainly worth seeing.
He’s doing this show until the middle of October.
Then, a guy named Michael C. Hall is going to star in it. If you’re not sure who he is, he just finished the last season of a little show called, “Dexter”. If you know that show ……
I KNOW!!! Can you believe it??? I can NOT picture him doing Hedwig.

If you don’t know that show, good for you. I wish I didn’t. It was very disturbing. I never finished the first season.

After the show, I limped down 44th street to take in the annual Broadway Cares Flea Market.
Once again I was surrounded by a throng of people.
A throng is a whole lot.





I’ve never seen so many old Playbills in my life! I think every single table was selling them. Each theatre had a table set up with those, albums, cds, props, costumes, etc. It was fun to look through all that they had.
I ended up buying this t-shirt, because people are always asking me what the difference is/which spelling is correct.
That’s all I purchased. I figure I have more than enough current Playbills.

After that I stopped for dinner at a decent Mexican restaurant and then I went to church. But I had just eaten, I was hot (the building was very warm) and I was exhausted.
You do the math.

This morning, when I came out of barre class, 8th Avenue was packed with black vehicles. I’m talking a parking lot.
Black limos, black Escalades, black Lincolns. They were triple and quadruple parked. Men dressed in black suits, wearing earbuds, were standing all around.
I couldn’t figure out what was going on and just hoped I hadn’t popped onto the scene like any in “The Blacklist”.
Because, you know …… New York!

But then I saw a sign in one of the car windows that read, “Argentine delegation”, so I knew it was part of the huge U.N. Summit on, what else?, climate control.

I wanted to take a picture for you all, but after my last experience with taking a picture of something that looked kind of sketchy (you know, when I was stopped in Paris by the military for taking a picture of something I still can’t define, but knew it was government/military related), there’s no way I was going to chance get arrested over a picture!!

OK, I’m totally kidding!
Not about the Paris Picture Caper …… that really happened, but about taking pictures today.


See what I do for your entertainment?!
You’re welcome.

Tomorrow I’m touring around Hoboken.
I hope the blisters are gone by then.

Later, Peeps.

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