New York, New York ……

…… it’s a wonderful town.

Yes, I borrowed those lyrics from a song.
And these:
“Heaven … I’m in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak. And I seem to find the happiness I seek.”
Of course I’m leaving out the main line …… “When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.”
That’s because I don’t know anyone I’d want to dance cheek to cheek with, and because I’m happy with the first few lines.

Daughter #3 and I walked to Trader Joe’s today (it’s about a mile from the apartment …. which is nothing!), and the weather was beautiful (in the 60’s!!) and I’m so happy to be in this city, that the words, “Heaven …… I’m in heaven ……” kept running in my mind over and over again.

I’ll keep humming that until …… oh, about 10:45 tomorrow morning …… when I go to my first barre class in over 4 (FOUR!!) months.
Trust me, I won’t be humming anything during, or shortly after, that close.
Well, I might be humming, “Let my people go”, or something akin to that.

After that there’s a plethora of things going on in NY. But then, there’s always a plethora of things going on in NY.
And I just like using the word “plethora”.

Tomorrow is that German American parade (thank you, Margot!) and Oktoberfest in the Park. It’s a shame that I don’t like beer.
Then there’s the San Generro Feast in Little Italy. I’m not sure exactly what goes on with that, other than Italian food, but it sounds fun.

I’ve been pretty torn since I arrived here.
I want to walk around and just soak up the cooler weather and the spirit that is NY, but I also need to finish watching the first season of “The Black List”.
Do NOT roll your eyes!! It happens to be a VERY good show and the second season starts on Monday. I think there are 22 episodes and I’m on #13.
This is a frustrating conundrum.
And yes, I’m watching #13 while I type this for all of you.
That’s just the kind of blog writer I am. Totally selfless when it comes to my readers.
And …… I’m going to have to watch this episode over again because I’m not doing a great job of multi-tasking.

So after my barre class tomorrow I’m hanging out with my friend Kelley. We’ll see what source of entertainment we choose. Or how many.
Daughter #3 is spending the day with her BF.
Things have changed.
She’s in love.
And while I’m happy for her, one small, teeny, tiny part of me wants to gag.
She’d be totally happy to dance cheek to cheek with him. In fact, they took took dance classes for quite a while, so I”m sure she’s danced cheek to cheek with him several times.
It’s a good thing I like him.

So that’s it. I know it’s not very exciting. I did hang out with friends in my building last night and tonight, so that was fun.
And I got out to go grocery shopping today.
Oh, and to also laugh at the people in line at the Apple store.
The store on 5th avenue had a line that was over 12 blocks long.
That’s over a mile, Peeps.
That’s insane.
Totally insane.
Especially when you can order the stupid thing on line!!! Why on earth would you stand in a line like that when you can have it sent to your home a few days later?!!!

I also had to catch up on a lot of bills and companies who have failed to change my address.
Blue Cross is sending stuff to my apartment here AND to my home in Texas.
Go figure.

So, kind of a dull post, but not to worry. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of things to tell you about during most of my stay here.
Right now I’m just pacing myself.

Have a great weekend, Peeps.

P.S. Here’s one of the pics I took while we were landing yesterday. See that tallest building there? The very tallest? That’s the “Freedom Tower”, that’s been built next to where the World Trader Center buildings were.
It’s pretty dang tall.

1 thought on “New York, New York ……

  1. Vicki

    SO happy you are back in the BIG APPLE! I saw a documentary on the construction of the Freedom Tower. Very interesting. The height of the spire at the top makes it the tallest building in the world …for now anyway. Looking forward to your posts about your NY adventures! And you know I need the entertainment!!!!!


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