Fa La La La La …….

…… La La La ….. La.

It’s 11:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on Christmas night.

It’s been a a mostly quiet day, except for all of the karaoke singing that’s been going on most of the day here in the apartment.
I meant to bring this gift out last night, for all to enjoy, but I forgot. So it came out this morning. Right before the stockings that Santa left in my bedroom came out.

The karaoke set up is pretty sweet. It’s two microphones, with a stand that holds an iPad and/or a cell phone, and a decent speaker. So you can use the iPad to use whatever Karaoke songs are out there …… and believe me, there are too many to name.
I truly thought that I would either hear a knock on the door, or my phone would ring, telling me to cease and desist, or inform me that I’ve been evicted. It was that loud.
The kids sang rap, Broadway, 80’s, 90’s, Madonna, Elton, Spice Girls …… you name it, they sang it. And it was fun.
So far, no knocking or phone calls.
So far.

Last night I Skyped with the two Texans as they opened their gifts. Unfortunately, the biggest gift for Son #2 did not arrive. Unbeknownst to me. So now I get to go back and forth with eBay to see if we can come to an agreement.
Ho. Ho. Ho.

Daughter #2 arrived here with what appears to be a sinus infection. I think we’ll be looking up a clinic tomorrow.
Unfortunately, the same day she and Son #1 arrived, I, too, felt like I was coming down with something. Today that something has blossomed into a stinking cold. I think.
I rarely get sick. Really.
Of course, I come down with all kinds of serious illnesses, but rarely do I get a cold or a virus.
Lucky me.

So between Daughter #3’s on going allergies, Daughter #2’s sinus infection and my cold, we’re using a boat load of Kleenex.
Tis the season.

We started watching Christmas movies yesterday and at the moment we’re up to “Christmas Vacation”. We may not make it through all of this one, as we’re all pretty tired from just hanging around the apartment, singing and watching movies. We’re spent.

We broke tradition this year and didn’t leave the apartment. Over the past several years we’ve always gone to see a movie on Christmas day. I took a vote today and it was 5-0 on leaving the apartment. And so we didn’t. Well …… Daughter #1 and I left to take the recycling down the hall. And I left one other time to take the cat poop to the trash. Don’t be jealous.
It was more excitement than most people can handle.

We have all stayed in our pj’s all day. Well, Son #1, Daughter #1 and I took showers …… and changed into different pj’s, but the costume de jour has still been pj’s. I’m quite proud of that.

I attempted to call various relatives tonight …… and by the 5th person …… and the 5th voice mail …… I was trying really hard to not take things personally. Thankfully, my brother answered when I called him. And then other family members returned my calls.
Ho Ho Ho.

All in all it’s been a very peaceful, musical, and nice Christmas. I’ve had a few moments of melancholy, but I suspect that will always be the case.
I miss him.
I wish he were here.
And things were different.
But they are not.
And all things considered …… life is good.
In spite of.

I hope that you all had a peaceful and joy-filled Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Peeps.

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