Ugh ……

…… I feel so crummy.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in my pjs, but not in a good way like Christmas Day. I mostly just laid around and used up a ton of Kleenex. I think Daughter #2 and I have killed an entire forest.

I felt a bit better this morning and made myself get out of the apartment by making an appointment to get my hair cut.
It worked, I got out of the apartment.
Then I cleaned up around the apartment while the girls went shopping and Son #1 got himself ready (I only say this because that usually takes a while).
He and I walked downtown and met them at a movie theater to see “Saving Mr. Banks”.
It was very, very, very good.
And it made me cry.
I think it made everyone in the theater cry, especially a woman in front of us, who I thought was going to have a break down. Seriously, she was crying …… that hard.

That made me feel better …… about crying anyway. Physically, I was going down hill. I was running a fever and just wanted to get home.
So here we are.
Waiting for pizza to be delivered and watching an ongoing marathon of “Parks and Recreation”.

The excitement never ends.

Happy Friday.

1 thought on “Ugh ……

  1. Debra Elliott

    I hope you feel better soon. The flu bug
    is here in Kingwood.
    I enjoy so much reading about your life
    In N.Y. . and you’ve adjusted so well. You walk everywhere don’t you? And your family has followed you. Personally, it
    seems to me like New York is home! I hope you feel better soon. Love you, Deb


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