It’s Been a Week ……

…… and then some.

When last we met, Little Man had officially become a member of our family.                               It seems like he’s always been ours.

The day after that I flew to Chicago for my niece’s high school graduation.  I always have a great time hanging out with my sister and her family.  This was no exception.  I’m very proud of my beautiful niece.


I wish I could’ve stayed longer but after 2 days I flew back to Waco and have spent the last 7+ days unpacking and getting things put away in the house.  I managed to get every single box unpacked this past Friday and finally had the house looking like a normal box-less house.

I also worked my buns off putting pieces of furniture together.

IMG_3864 (1)IMG_3865IMG_3866 (1)IMG_3883 (1)IMG_3909
And then the moving company delivered the rest of my stuff yesterday (Saturday) morning.  And while I’m not really back at square one, I still have more boxes to deal with.  I just have to decide whether or not I want to deal with them before Tuesday.
When I head back to New York.

Little Man spent the night with me this past Friday.  We had a great time, if you don’t count the allergy cough that has been getting the best of him lately.                                        He played in the pool that I brought home this past week.  So. Much. Fun!!                      Although there were time when he didn’t know whether to play in it or drink from it.

Daughter #3 and her hubby and Son #1 came in for the weekend.  There were birthdays to celebrate this weekend.  D2 and D3’s birthday was this past Tuesday.  Son #1’s was yesterday (Friday).  I think they’re starting to discover that adult birthdays aren’t all that exciting/fun.
So we added another party yesterday.  This one was to celebrate Little Man’s adoption.  A lot of friends came and I think that everyone had a great time.    It sure was a wonderful reason to celebrate …… even if it was on what should’ve been our 33rd wedding anniversary.
And while I felt some sadness that this day no longer means what it used to, it was great to celebrate the addition of Little Man into our family on this date.  I was happy to share it with him.

So yeah …. it’s been quite a week …… and more.                                                                                  I may or may not get everything unpacked and put away before I head to New York.          And if I don’t …… who cares?

Happy Memorial Day, Peeps.


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