Wedding and “Fixer Upper”……

…… news.

Well, not so much wedding news.
I’ll write a post about it …… as soon as I spend some time thinking about it and what I want to say.

For now I’ll just say this …… it was beyond beautiful.
And Daughter #3 was breathtaking.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures before I end the post.

In other news …… Daughter #2 will be on the HGTV show, “Fixer Upper”, next Tuesday, March 15th. I think that it airs at 8:00 Central, 9:00 Eastern, but you might want to double check your area to make sure.
We are beyond excited!
Here’s a link to what HGTV has to say about it:

So there you go.
It’s really too much excitement for one blog post.

So I’ll have to write another soon.

Until then …… here are some pictures from the wedding.


Little Man and I were in the room with her.  He decided to pick up her train and then started following her around the room.  Thankfully, I managed to get a few (like 10!) pictures.  TANW for how this makes me heart feel.

These next two pictures were taken by her wonderful and amazing photographer, Angela King (  As you can see … she’s a very talented photographer.


I like to think that this represents Jim, shining down on them.  ❤


12 thoughts on “Wedding and “Fixer Upper”……

  1. Jeni

    Janine, Breathtaking! All of it. When all is calm and we are settled, please come relax in Tokyo with me. Love Jeni

  2. Joy

    Oh sweet cousin she is just stunning!! She looks so much like you and then she looks like Jim as well….it’s just breathtaking! You have done him proud! And your precious family! (Including the cousins ;)! ) love you so much !!

  3. auntieali1

    What a stunning bride!! Beautiful dress and I love the detail on the veil. I hope it was as close to perfect of a day as she had hoped for!!

  4. Chris, who lurks

    Oh my! So last night, very very late, I finally watched Fixer Upper. It was so much fun to see 2 of your daughters and a lovely surprise to see you at the end! And wow, what a transformation of the house. That was so much fun!!! Loved it. Is she enjoying the house? Loved what they did with the kitchen- wow!

  5. Tanya

    Watching a Fixed Upper marathon at my mom’s and remembered your daughter was on the show- can’t wait to see her episode! Miss you and all our peeps from Camp! Hope all is well for the family- congrats for all of the lovely blessings in these last few months. I cannot take Little Bit- I want to squeeze him! Big hugs and love always 😊💖😘🙏🏽


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