People Say ……


…… they won’t forget.
But I think they do.

Not that I blame them.
Because life marches on.
For everyone.
And if you don’t live it every single day …… how can you not forget?

This is the month that the American Heart Association holds their annual Heart Walk. Last year our school district in Texas participated in the walk. They did more than participate …… they formed a team in Jim’s name.
When I received the email asking if I’d be ok with that …… I was speechless.
And touched to the depth of my soul.
Because they remembered.

Jim died of an aortic dissection.
In perfect health one minute …… at death’s door the next.
Four months later, his mother died of complications after having valve replacement surgery.
The American Heart Association is close to my heart …… no pun intended.

This year Team Eggers will walk again.
They still remember.
And it still brings tears to my eyes.

I hate asking people for money.
I’m not very good at it, so I try to do it only two times a year.
Once for this walk …… and once in December around the time of Jim’s death …… for my beloved Soaring Spirits.
The organization that gave me hope and continues to do that for millions (yes, millions) of other widowed people.

So this week I wrote a post on Facebook about the walk, and shared the link of my donation page.
I didn’t make a big deal about it.
I just shared it and asked people to donate.
In memory of Jim.

Maybe I should’ve made a bigger deal.
I don’t think anyone checked out the link.
One person “liked” my post.
And she’s a widowed sister.
She also tries to raise money each year to fight the disease that killed her husband.
There are a lot of us out here.

And there are a lot of causes asking for money.
I get that.
And I get that time marches on.
I also understand how memories fade.
Heck, sometimes I can’t remember what I did last week.

Maybe I should take lessons in fundraising.
Or maybe I should stop bugging people about donating.
I certainly wish I didn’t have a reason to want to raise money for the Heart Association.
I also wish that I didn’t live with the memory of that night.
Almost eight years ago.

Yes, some memories fade.
Some …… never will.

2 thoughts on “People Say ……

  1. Terri Baker

    Hi Janine,
    I never saw the first info on donations, so
    mentioning this again was good for me.
    I will say, maybe at times people don’t have
    time to read a blog, so they don’t even click on it, thus they never see your link. (It’s not that they have forgotten or don’t care).
    But if the link was in a simple fb post, right on their newsfeed, they’d see it …at least this is my case….I think.
    Going to link now 😊
    Terri Baker 🌙🌷

  2. oakhoopscoach

    Dang. Bought sure I had “liked” your link. My bad. I know the feeling. Fundraising is harder each year. Recently several people have told me they talk about Dave. I just wish they knew how much it would mean to me and the kids if they talked about him to us. Anyhow. Donation being made today. I planned to when I saw your post earlier in the week. Just had to actually get a pay check!!! It’s nice to have an income again. Love you. Very much.


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