I Can NOT Believe ……

…… that I was just working on a post to catch you all up on everything I’ve been doing the last few weeks …… and when I tried to upload a video to the post, it wouldn’t load.
That itself isn’t a big deal. Disappointing, yes. But nothing upsetting.
What IS upsetting is that I had at least half of the post written, but when the video upload failed, my post disappeared.
And that borders on infuriating.
Not when you compare it to life in general, but in the world of blogging …… it sucks.

So …… I’ll attempt to do that post again …… later.
My sister and her best friend are arriving in NY tomorrow so I’m not sure that I’ll have time to blog.
But I’m hoping to catch you up soon.
Because the longer I wait, the more I have to write.
And the more I write, the possibly-more-bored you become.

So there you go …… much ado about nothing.
Sounds like a great name for a play.
Does it not?

Sorry, Peeps.
I’ll do my best to write a better post soon.
As long as we all know that “soon” is relative.

4 thoughts on “I Can NOT Believe ……

  1. Judy Kaan

    I totally get this. I had an issue once responding to a blog and wrote a really long response and it disappeared.
    Wasn’t Seinfield a much ado about nothing? Great blog as always!!!



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