Such A Simple Act ……

…… can bring forth so many emotions and memories.

I went to the theatre last night with several friends. Four of them were married couples. I sat next to one of them, chatting and laughing until the lights were turned down and the play prepared to start.
At that point, the husband simply laid his hand on his leg, palm up. With no words, and hardly any time at all, his wife lovingly put her hand in his.
And there they remained.

So simple.
So full of unspoken words and swirls of emotions.

I miss that.
The simplest of acts.
Yet it can speak volumes.

Jim and I never talked about holding hands. It just grew into a natural occurrence. Whenever we walked anywhere …… on a path, into a building, around an exhibit …… anywhere, our hands automatically found each other. It wasn’t even a thought most of the time. It was like our hands were magnets that drew each other together.

So simple.
And yet so very, very missed.

As I watched my friends hold hands throughout the play, I didn’t feel sad. I felt more wistful, I guess. I felt warm memories and I was happy for them …… that they, too, had this simple act between them.

I smiled.
For them.
And for me.


6 thoughts on “Such A Simple Act ……

  1. oakhoopscoach

    Dave took my hand on our very first date – we went to a movie- and basically we never stopped holding hands. Right up until they took him away for his final surgery when, well you know…… “In the beginning” I HATED to see couples, particularly older ones, holding hands. I just wanted to scream that it was so unfair that they could keep holding hands when I had lost my love. It was one of those crazy things that bothered me the most. Now, like you, I just miss it. So very much sometimes that it hurts.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Thanks, Beth. I, too, hated seeing those older couples in the beginning. I’m glad that’s gotten better, though I still miss it, very much.

  2. lifelossandhope

    We held hands all the time. I so miss that. And when I see other couples – young or old or in the middle – showing affection, holding hands when they walk – I feel that loss even more. And while I would never begrudge anyone that happiness and comfort, somehow it hurts.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Hi Cynthia,
      It really can make us feel the loss more when we see couples doing the things we used to do. Hopefully, we’ll start to feel more happiness and less pain when it occurs.


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