Fool Me Once ……

…… shame on you.
Fool me twice …… then I’m an idiot.

Nice try, Ms. GPS. Nice try.

I got in my car today to head to Waco. But first I checked Google Maps. I know some people have problems with that site, but in NY …… I live by Google Maps. They haven’t failed me yet.
Unlike a certain evil car GPS.

When ie got into the car I entered my destination into said GPS. She came back with three very similar routes to Waco.
Each one had a similar time frame for the route.
Each one of those would take me 5 1/2 hours.
Over two hours longer than it actually takes to get there.
The Google Maps time frame?
Three hours and fifteen minutes.
Guess which routes I didn’t use?

I’m perplexed and flummoxed over this stupid GPS. OK, I’m not really flummoxed …… I just wanted to use that word. Were you impressed?

This is a new car. All things inside that car should work, and work flawlessly. I don’t think that wanting a GPS that doesn’t hate me is asking for a lot.
But at least I’m not alone. Several of you seem to have the same evil GPS, or her equally evil twin.

And yes, she gives me preferences. Like “use highways”. Or at least she pretends to. I gave her several chances to change her routes to add a major highway (I-45 for all you Texans), but she flat out refused.
What. The. Heck??

So my phone and Google got me to Daughter #2’s house …… safely and quickly. Well, as quickly as 3 hours and 15 minutes can be.

I had a happy/sad moment as I passed the statue of Sam (Houston, for all you non-Texans. Otherwise known as foreigners.) Jim used to lead the whole family in a chorus of “Good-bye, Sam!” as we headed north on trips. We also told him hello on our return trips.
I miss him when I drive by Sam.
But I love the memories.

Speaking of heading north, I’m finally going back to NY in a few weeks! I’ve been going through major withdrawl. I need to see a Broadway show soon or I just might snap.
And no one wants that to happen.
Ask my kids.

Ok, I just noticed that it’s 12:30 a.m.
I thought it was closer to 11.
It’s been a longer day than I thought it was.

Y’all have a good weekend.
And stay on your toes if you use your GPS.
I think they’re trying to take over the world.
Or maybe just Texas.

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