Just So You Know ……

…… I have a big post coming. I just need to take the time to sit down and write it.

For those who don’t know, I’m back in NY. I got back late yesterday afternoon (almost an hour later than I was supposed to arrive), and still made it to the Tony’s.
Yes, THE Tony’s.
And I had a great time.
The greatest of great times.

Today was full of catching up with bills and mail that had stacked up for a month.
And trying to un-glue Oliver from my side.
He’s pathetic.
Pathetic and fat.
I don’t know what all Daughter #3 has been feeding him while I’ve been gone, but it’s way too much.
She says she thinks I don’t accurately remember how big he was.
Trust me, I know he was big.
But he’s crossed over …… to the side that’s way too heavy for me to carry his fat butt through an airport.
So he’s going on a diet.

Life should be sheer bliss around here.

I hope to have some time to sit down tomorrow and write about the Tony’s.
Because if I don’t write about it tomorrow, you may never hear about it.
Since I’m going back to barre class on Wednesday …… which just might kill me after being off for a month.

Happy Monday/Tuesday.

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