You Have GOT ……

…… to be kidding me!!
I mean, really?! Do people fall for this?!

It seems that I’m in big trouble.
Here’s the evidence …… I received this postcard-sized item in the mail today:
See?! It appears that Ms. Hudson is very upset with me!! My goodness, I have no idea how I missed that first notice!
It feels like I’m back in elementary school and Ms. Hudson is the principal who has called me into her office. Do you think I should call her??!
Wait! I have a great idea …… why don’t all of YOU call her?!!
You can tell her that I’m very sorry for whatever I did and I’ll try very hard to never do it again.
But no, I’m not giving her my bank account number.
I’m anti-social that way.
Good grief.

So I made an appointment today with a new rheumatologist. I can’t get in as a new patient until the middle of July.
Which means I get to deal with swollen and very pain-filled fingers, hands, toes and feet for a while longer.
Mornings are absolutely fabulous around here.
I can’t grip anything and my feet hurt when I walk.
I feel like I’m about 89.
Which means that, damn, I look good for the age I feel!

This afternoon I decided to go jump in the pool to cool off after working around the house and in the garage.
This pool feels like my very own, largest EVER, private pool:

Yep, it was just little ol’ me at the pool.
And it was very, very nice.
The water felt wonderful.
It wasn’t too cold.
It wasn’t too hot.
It was just right.
So I swam and I swam until the bears came back.
Wait …… that’s a totally different story.
Dang! Unfortunately my brain feels as old as my body feels.

So did anybody catch “America’s Got Talent” tonight?
Because oh. my. word. those pogo stick jumpers!
Not to mention the jump ropers!!
Now I can’t decide …… should I go ahead with the plans for the Ninja course in the back yard, or just concentrate on the pogo stick/jump rope?
Although, jumping after having 6 kids isn’t as fun as it used to be.
And that’s all I’m going to say about that.
You’re welcome.

OK, time to go take a pain pill. My hands and fingers are killing me after this much typing.
Pathetic, isn’t it?
Welcome to my life.
A little fun …… and a lot pathetic.

Don’t be jealous.

2 thoughts on “You Have GOT ……

  1. Vicki

    Now that you have single handedly (mostly) packed and moved yourself, maybe you can RELAX in that beautiful pool often and get some much needed rest! Exhaustion will wreak havoc!! You need a vacation! Where shall we go? 😀


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