I Wonder ……

…… what the hell was I thinking??!
These last two days I’ve been packing up the house by myself.
A five bedroom, 5,000 square feet house.

The first two days I had the help of a few friends, for which I am very, very grateful.
Especially after doing it by myself.

Yesterday the packing became very emotional, so maybe it was a good thing that I was alone.
Although if I’d had someone to help, maybe they could’ve done the emotional stuff.
Like the refrigerator that had a multitude of magnets on it.
Magnets that we collected from every place we visited/vacationed.
And from every Broadway show we’d seen.

I didn’t really see that coming.
I was just working my way through the room, and then I was next to the fridge. So I grabbed a bag and started removing the magnets.
And about 30 seconds in, the wave hit.
And then another, and another, and another.
Sigh ……



And then there was this:
The wall that I measured the kids on every August.
Deeper sigh ……

I had a desk that had a glass top on it. Beneath the glass I had placed pictures. A whole lot of pictures, from many different years and stages. I loved having those pictures there.
I didn’t love having to gather them back up, although I did smile a lot at the memories.

And then there were these two items that Sons #2 and #3 made me, back in their pre-school days. I hated to part with them, but I had to be realistic.
Sometimes realisms sucks.
Beyond belief.

Now my study looks like this:

Which is kind of how I feel right now …… empty.

And exhausted.

I know that I’ll be ok, and that I’ll be glad to have all of this behind me …… no matter how difficult it is in the midst of it.

Before I post this and head off to bed, I’ll show you something a bit different.
At least a bit different for all of us down here.
The real estate market here in our community has gone a little nuts.
It’s definitely a seller’s market (other than me as a seller).
And just to show you how hot it is in my neighborhood …… here’s a sign that went up yesterday:
Can you read that?
Note that it’s not “for sale”, but “coming soon”!
What the what?!?!

I’ve never seen those words on a real estate sign.
I can only imagine the tizzies and the frothing at the mouth that’s going on around here, just at the thought of another house going on the market.
I may have to hunker down and keep all the windows and doors bolted when that house actually becomes available.

I hope I’m done moving when that happens.

2 thoughts on “I Wonder ……

  1. Vicki Mosier

    I’m sorry it’s been so rough, both physically and emotionally. Sending a big hug and saying a bigger prayer. Love you so much!

  2. loosethreds

    I can completely understand what you are feeling. I packed and moved my 6 bedroom home and all of the memories by myself. It was grief all over again. Not for the same reason, mine chose to leave and devastate the life we built together. The pain is the same though. Your new home will bring peace and comfort, and I pray it will begin to feel like home and that you will find places for everything that you love. You are a very strong woman that has given me strength and support for so many years. You will do this too, with amazing grace and strength! One day at a time….


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