Lessons Learned ……

…… in just one day.

I learned several lessons today, mostly concerning cab rides. And as always, I am sharing them with you.

Lesson #1: Do NOT ask your cab driver if he can get somewhere any faster, unless you’re prepared to experience a stomach-lurching, roller coaster-like ride.
I kid you not.

Lesson #2: You know all of those movies you’ve seen where someone’s in a cab in NY, the traffic is horrible, and the rider says, “I’ll just get out here, thanks.” and then RUNS like a bat out of hell to get somewhere in time?
Well, that really happens.
Cuz that’s exactly what I did yesterday afternoon.

Lesson #3: It might not be a great idea to do a barre class in the morning, a book club meeting an hour later, and a Broadway matinee in the afternoon.
Because you might just have a very expensive nap.
Not that I’d personally know that.
I’m just sayin’.

Yesterday afternoon I saw “The Realistic Joneses”. With Toni Collette and Marisa Tomei.
I arrived at the theatre just as the show was starting.
I was lucky to get there that soon.
And because I was late I wasn’t able to take my usual “before show” picture.

It’s a play with 4 characters, two couples both named Jones. Both with husbands who are ill/dying.
And I was really tired.
I might need to go see it again.
But I enjoyed the first half.
And had it had an intermission, I would’ve enjoyed the second half.
But I was trying to ignore my bladder during most of that half.
Not fun.

Last night I went to see “If,Then” starring Adele Dazeem …… I mean, Idena Menzel.
I really, really liked it.
Even though it had some very difficult moments.
And songs.
I’d see it again, which is the best compliment I can give.
In spite of all of the tears I shed.

Today was the first time in 4 days that I didn’t have barre class.
Thank the Lord.
I enjoyed the short break before I go the next two days.
I’m trying to make up for lost time while I was in Oklahoma last week.
Which might just mean that I’m going to die in the month of June, after I spend the month of May in Texas, with no barre class.
I may just have to open one in my community so that I’ll have a place to go while I’m there.
I’ll have to survive the month of June if I want to do that.

Tonight I went to see 2 plays that were performed together. The first was “Clean”, which was about 3 women in London, who are “clean criminals”, which means that they don’t kill or hurt anyone.
It was kind of like “Charlie’s Angels” meets “Ocean’s Eleven”.
And it was funny.

The second play was “A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity”, and I loved it.
It’s about a very proper British woman who’s widowed and meets a young Scottish man who worked for her husband, at the funeral. And he curses like a sailor (which embarrasses him to no end) and she decides to learn how to how to speak her husband’s language (which he spoke when the first met, but didn’t speak after they were married) from this young man. It was hilarious, and very, very touching.

Tomorrow night I’m going to a “supper club” to see “Sibling Rivalry” which has two sisters performing. This should be pretty interesting, especially since I’m going by myself and will most likely have to share a table. Ugh.
Maybe I’ll meet some interesting people.

This afternoon I was flipping through channels and decided to watch “Million Dollar Listing”, which is on Bravo. It used to be about two real estate companies in NY and the properties they were selling. Now it’s about 3 guys who sell real estate and have way too much drama with each other …… like more than the Kardashians. I think. I don’t watch that show so I’m just assuming.

Anyway, when I tuned into Bravo I was surprised to see that one of the agents was trying to sell an apartment in my building. Well, kind of surprised. Back in the fall we all knew that they were taping a show here, since they shut down the upstairs exercise room, pool and bar area to all of us that week. And they were using tooth brushes to clean everything up there.
But then I forgot about it, until I started watching the show today. It first aired last Wednesday night,and it will continue next Wednesday night.
Just in case you’re interested.
And if you are, please keep in mind that not all of the apartments in this building are made up of FOUR apartments at a total of 3,000 square feet. And that many of us are renting apartments, not owning them. So yeah, we’re the dregs of the building.
Oh, and also, I don’t think there’s any freaking way that they’re going to sell that apartment for 7.8 million dollars.
But we shall see.
Holy crap.
(Although I think that apartment is still empty.)

But if you watch it you’ll be able to see the upstairs of my building.
You’re welcome.

OK, it’s almost midnight, my time, and I have a barre class to endure in the morning.
So, peace out.
And have a good Friday.
Or rather, a good Good Friday.
And pause to think about what this day represents.

Which, for me, is so very much.

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