This Is Not the Post ……

…… I thought I’d write tonight.

But things change, and sometimes change quickly.

Tonight I went to see the Broadway musical, “If, Then”, starring Idena Menzel.
It was wonderful …… but ……

Why does it seem there always must be a “but”?

I really did love this show and would highly recommend it …… to most people.
However (and here’s the “but”) …… I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s still rawly widowed.
Those of you who are widowed know exactly what that means.

Fortunately, for me, I’m no longer living in the rawness.
And yet I still had to struggle to maintain control and just cry softly …… rather than cry the ugly cry.
And you know exactly what that means, too.

If you are still existing in the raw, go no further. Close this page and maybe come to it later.
For the rest of you, here’s the song that did me in. Well, it’s the first song of a few.
I love it …… and I hate it.
Because I get it.
And I wish I didn’t.

I wish I could’ve found a better video, but the only one was of her on The Today Show last week.
The first song is the song I’m referring to.

It says so much.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll post the funny post I had in my head.
But tonight, you get this.

Hopefully you’ll tell me what you think.

10 thoughts on “This Is Not the Post ……

  1. Cathy

    wow….tears…..but I love the song and I love that the song is spreading the word of what loss is and what surviving is! (((Janine)

  2. LauraAnn

    As i am not a widow I too get it in a different way (funny how lyric works. ) Yet this song brought tears to my eyes as I heard it just now for the first time. It’s a wonderful song that explains very well the reality of learning to live without. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Hi LauraAnn — Thank you for commenting, and for sharing your thoughts about the song. It’s nice to hear how people connect with it. It really is a beautiful song.

  3. Marie

    Beautiful song. Sad but I can totally relate to it. It captures all the real feelings of widowhood and what it means to move on alone.


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