The Storm of the Century ……

…… well, not really, but evidently another snow/ice storm is heading this way.
You can tell because the mayor has already decided to have all government offices closed tomorrow.  Kind of reminds me of the last time they predicted a huge snowstorm ….. and certain airlines decided to shut down 18 hours before one snowflake fell.

“They” say we’re supposed to get anywhere from 6 – 14 inches.  Which probably means we’ll get 2.  Because being a weatherman …… really?!  What other job allows a person to constantly get things wrong, and yet come back to work every day??  Score!

I have to admit that I’m starting to feel a bit guilty.  It seems as if I’m the only person in the city of New York who isn’t upset that we’re getting more snow.  Seriously, every person I’ve come into contact with, friends and strangers, has expressed extreme disgust that we’re getting more snow.  They’ve had enough ….. they’re sick of snow.                                                                  Me?  I’m looking forward to more snow.  I’m ready to do another snow angel.  I’m loving the winter up here.

I know!  I find it just as shocking as you do!  I’m the one who never even liked to go outside if it was below 45 degrees.  Go figure.  I think I’m just really tired of sweating.  And I don’t have to drive here, so that helps.

I’m still doing the Barre class and look to forward to the days when I go.  Or at least I did, until I went to class tonight.  I’m starting to really hate the woman who led the class tonight.  They have several teachers who rotate, and I get her at least once a week.  I got about half way through the class today and didn’t have to stop one time, which was a huge first.  This woman must’ve sensed my delight because she shut it down very quickly.  Now I’m not usually prone to paranoia, but I think she’s out to get me.  Or at least to make me quit.  Tonight it was as if she could tell which set I was having the most difficulty with (trust me, it’s not that hard to sense …. I struggle with balancing on my butt bones, keeping my legs straight and up in the air, keeping my hands behind my head with my elbows out to the side, and doing crunches. Basically balancing in a V shape.  You try it.)

Once she knew that I was really struggling to do that set for 90 seconds, she added on another set of them.  Or so it seemed that’s why she did it.  It was at that point that I may have silently called her a not-so-nice-name and decided that I hated her.  Ten minutes later I was vowing to go straight to the liquor store after class and buying a bottle of skinny margaritas …… just to spite her.  No, she had no way of knowing that’s what I was going to do, nor did I plan on returning to the studio to show her my purchase, so I don’t know how that was going to spite her.  Nor did I care.                                                                                                                       But I have to tell you …… that thought helped push me through the rest of the class.  That, and the thought that tomorrow we’re going to have a ton of snow/ice/rain, but I don’t have to go to class since I did it tonight.  The thought of being able to sleep in, and hoping she couldn’t, also helped push me to the end.                                                                                                               And I vow, as God is my witness, that she will not push me to quit.  Nor any of my kinfolk.         After all, tomorrow is another day.                                                                                                     🙂

Night ya’ll …… and happy Wednesday/Thursday.                                                                             🙂

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