Catching Up ……

…… or actually, catching all of you up.

Yes, I realize that I still need to write about my snow/ice/travel day from hell and I have every intention of doing that (good intentions and all that …).

So, where did I leave off?

Vicki came to visit last week.
In what turned out to be the coldest week of the year.
Of course the year’s still new.
But it was still pretty dang cold. And we had lots of snow.
So we stayed in during the day time and went out at night.
Yep, pretty much like vampires.

We saw 3 shows, one of which was new to me.
“A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” (the new one …. it was fun)
“Wicked” – which we both had seen before (this was my third time, I think). It wasn’t the best version, but it’s always a good show.
“Beautiful” – I saw this for the first time the weekend before Vicki came. And I could see it again, for a third time. This show is indeed beautiful and the songs are terrific and I absolutely love it. I really could see it once a week. And …… I predict that it’s going to be a show that’s very hard to get tickets for, AND that the actress playing Carol King will win the Tony (and the show will win more).
So there.
For whatever that’s worth.

We had a great visit. Vicki was in need of relaxation and peace after working on her daughter’s beautiful wedding. And venturing out to the theatre district in the freezing cold wasn’t so bad since we took the subway everywhere.
She left on Friday and I missed her the minute she left.
But we’re planning something for April.

On Friday afternoon I met someone for lunch who I hadn’t seen in, oh …… about 15 years or so. She and her family used to live in TX and have since lived in a few different places.
We had a great lunch. And found out that though our paths have been in different places, they have also run parallel to each other.
We had a lot to talk about.

And then we met up with my sorority sister J, who happens to live only a block or so down from me.
The two of us are having a great time catching up and exploring NY together.
In fact, today we took her car out and we drove around Manhattan.
And by “drove around Manhattan” I mean that we drove completely around it …… as in, we did our own private (and much better) Circle Line tour. We started here, at mid-town on the west side, and drove north, to the very most northern part of the island (Harlem) and then drove down the east side, around the southern most point, and back up the west side until we got back to where we started.

We really had no idea as to where we were going, other than in a circle, when we started. We were way-laid for 2 hours when we found out that her car, which hadn’t been driven in over 2 months …… here, in the winter, in NYC, wouldn’t start. So she had to call AAA. But neither of us had anything on our schedules, other than our “Thelma and Louise” drive, so we didn’t mind waiting.
It was totally worth the wait.

I think that this was the first of many excursions that we’ll take.
Since we didn’t decide to drive off of a cliff.
Or run into anyone who looked remotely like Brad Pitt.

In other news, I have entered a drawing in which the winner gets a date with George.
Yes, THAT George.
I know that I won’t win, but it sure is nice to dream.
Sigh ……

OK, I think that catches you up.

It got into the 40’s today, which was nice. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be well below 20.
And I get to venture out twice during the day. Once to try out a Smart Barre class (Lord help me) and once to do my volunteer gig in Harlem.
Thankfully, I bought a “puffy coat” last week, which is far warmer than the wool coat that I bought last year.
Puffy coats aren’t what they used to be (thank goodness). They’re far lighter and less puffy than I remembered. And you can wad them up into a ball and use them for a pillow if you need to.
Two birds with one stone.

Oh, I almost forgot. Daughter #3 and I went to the library yesterday to watch a free movie. They have movies on Saturdays and Sundays …… for free. Yesterday’s showing was “Babes on Broadway”. You know, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney putting a show on to raise money to send poor NY city kids to the country. The library is currently doing a Judy Garland theme for the next month or so. I had never seen this black and white, and it was entertaining, though long at 2 hours.
And the room was full of many different kinds of folks. Since it was free, and warm, there seemed to be a homeless contingent.
And the majority of the viewers appeared to be over the age of 70.
But I enjoyed it.
Daughter #3 however …… not so much. She decided that she’d rather watch movies on the couch, in her pajamas.
Not a bad plan.

OK, NOW I think you’re caught up.
Or at least as much as you’re going to be right now.

Stay warm, Peeps.

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