Happy Birthday ……


…… to the most wonderful man I ever knew.
He was a great husband and a terrific father.

Because no one is perfect.
Not even part of the time.
And we sure do love to idolize our dearly departed.
Don’t we?

Trust me, I know he was a pretty terrific human being.
But he could still be a pain in the butt.
He didn’t like everyone who thought he liked them.
That would be a huge surprise to many.

He didn’t have the patience of Job.
But then, I don’t think anyone besides Job has that.

But he was very often a man of few words. And when he spoke, he most often had something good to say.
Something that needed to be said.

He wasn’t all warm and fuzzy.
That’s why he needed me.
He wasn’t spontaneous.
That’s why I needed him.
We balanced each other out.
For a very long time.
In very many ways.

I wish it could’ve been longer.

Happy Birthday, honey.
I miss you more than most people can understand.
I love you as much today as I did 6 years ago.
You have continued to support me, love me and love our children …… even in your physical absence.
I have continued to learn from you, even though I can’t hear you.

I know that you’re proud of our children, even if there’ve been things you wouldn’t have agreed with.
I know that you love our children, and always will, just as I will. No matter what.

I also know that there have been things that would’ve caused you pain, as much as they did me.
And I know that you would’ve been there for me, and fought for me, and spared no wrath when it was needed.
Just as you would’ve spared no love and support when it was needed.

Thank you for loving me as long, as hard and as well as you did.
Thank you for our six children.
Thank you for the example you gave them of what a husband should be.
Of what a father should be.

Thank you for choosing me.
I will love you forever.

And hope that there’s someone out there who can love me as well as you did.

Happy Birthday, Jim.
I miss you.
With all my heart.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ……

  1. Estelle Myburg

    Yesterday was my first birthday without my love and soulmate
    Sunday will be the one year mark , I still can not believe it
    Thanks Janine – you give me hope to carry on


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