Saturday ……

…… in pictures.

As in the previous post, comments will come later.
I need nap.

OK, this is a picture of all of the pieces of dried food that I picked up off of the floor in my hotel room. Yes, I know, that’s gross.

This is a picture of the drain in the sink of the wet bar in my room. It contained many pieces of macaroni and beer bottle cap.
Ummmmm, yeah.

These two pictures of pretty obvious, right? I mean, you can clearly see that the “Do Not Disturb” sign has been placed in the lock on my door.
Obviously the hotel maid didn’t see it all that clearly. Saturday morning (remember, I only had about 2 hours of sleep total Thursday night, because I kept waking up and checking to see if United had cancelled my 6:45 a.m. flight), she decided to knock, hard, on my door. Then she decided to bang on my door, using something other than her hand, all the while shouting, “MAID SERVICE!! MAID SERVICE!!” She woke me up from a dead sleep. It took me a moment to realize that this was real life and not my dream. You know how that goes. When I finally realized, rather incredulously, that she was banging on my door …… and WAS NOT GOING TO STOP …… I yelled, “NO!!”. She stopped knocking.
I took these pictures afterwards, because I was still pretty much stunned that this had happened. I figured that the sign must’ve fallen out. Because …… REALLY?!!!!!!!
IMG_3975 IMG_3976

This is where the reception was to take place that night:

These are of the girls getting ready. They had their hair and makeup done (I also got to have my makeup done … cool!):
IMG_3981 IMG_3982

This is the wedding dress (duh).

This is the beautiful bride, getting her hair done:
IMG_3984 IMG_3985

This is a really cool sign that a friend had made for the happy couple, using a chalk board and chalk paint:

These are more pics of the reception room …… and the flowers:
IMG_3987 IMG_3988 IMG_3989 IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3992 IMG_3993

More of the bride. Isn’t she gorgeous? Sigh ……
IMG_3994 IMG_3995 IMG_3996 IMG_3997

Writing in a card for her groom …… such a lovely tradition:

Vicki and her Daughter #2, who was the Jr. Bridesmaid. She, too, is lovely. πŸ™‚
IMG_4003 IMG_4007

The bride’s shoes and jewelry:
IMG_4010 IMG_4011

Vicki, putting a necklace on her beautiful daughter:

Me, ready to go to the wedding.

This is where the wedding took place. The bride and groom and minister stood on the first landing, and the wedding party stood on each side of the second level of stairs. It was beautiful. The string quartet on the bottom right did a wonderful job.

The parents of the bride, welcoming everyone to the reception.
IMG_4036 IMG_4037

My two lovely dates, Kem and Susan. Yes, I had two dates.
Because I’m special. πŸ™‚

There you go.
A wedding day.
It was beautiful.
And the wedding and reception were, too.
As well as a lot of fun.
And who could ask for anything more when it comes to a wedding?

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