So. Much ……


It’s been a busy few days.
Wednesday I had book club at a restaurant on the east side, called Alice’s Tea Cup.
It’s a very cute, and quaint, British tea shop with a pretty full menu. There were 9 of us and we squeezed in upstairs, ready to enjoy brunch and discus our latest read. We were about 20 minutes in to our discussion, when what to our wandering eyes should appear, but several mommies and nannies with 25 three year olds.
Visions of screaming kids danced through my head.
And through the dining room.
Because, really?! Twenty five 3 year olds in one place?! Who saw that ship sinking before hand, aside from me?!

Anyway, our waitress was wonderful, if not completely worn out by the time we were done. She had the 9 of us, plus 4 other tables, plus the birthday party.
She needs a very large raise.
And a month off.

After book club I walked around Bloomingdales and that area for a bit. Then I walked back to the apartment. I didn’t get home until almost 5, I think.
Then spent a quiet night at home with the cats while the daughters were out.
It was nice.

Yesterday I got up and started cleaning the apartment. Mom was supposed to be arriving around 5:30 or so, and I had a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall at 3.
That was pretty cool.
I walked down and took pictures of the tree, as well as pictures during the tour.
Here they are:

This is a chandelier that hangs in the main lobby inside the grand foyer of Radio City. It’s absolutely breath taking. And takes about 8 hours to hang. Ugh.
But worth it, IMHO.

This is me (duh) standing in front of a model of the stage (“It’s only a model!”….. what’s that from??! Hint: It’s said with a British accent>)
Supposedly, if you take a picture of yourself there, you look like you’re on the actual stage.
Hmmmmm, I think I look like I’m standing in front of a model.

I know I don’t have to tell you who this is. But I do have to tell you that this was highly illegal picture. I’m not sure why. She wasn’t my kid, so I wasn’t going to buy a picture of her with the main man. Whatever.

Another view of the lobby and the beautiful chandelier.
You’re welcome.

This is a picture of my favorite tree in all the world (as are the next few pics).
Though it makes me feel like I should’ve bought about 50 more strings of light for my tree.
This one has 6 miles of lights on it.
Six splendid miles.




This one is self-explanatory.  Unless you really think it says “Adio City”.  If you do, I find that terribly sad.

I walked back home after the tour, wrapped presents so that I could get them out of my closet. Space is at a premium around here, you know. Most of you know that I abhor the act of gift wrapping. Now I don’t begrudge anyone else enjoying it, but I do not.
I loathe it. Despise it. Do you know what I despise more than gift wrapping?
Gift wrapping with ultra cheap paper, that rips when you fold it around a corner.
Yes, I did buy that kind of paper, why?!
How is one supposed to know that one is buying ultra cheap wrapping paper, I ask you. It’s all wrapped up in cellophane and there’s no indication that it’s going to fall apart as soon as you touch it.
So yes, that added to the joy of my evening.
Can you say, “First world problems”?

My mom landed an hour late, since there was much fog in New Jersey. And then she didn’t arrive at my home until almost 8:00. Daughter #3 and I had already ordered dinner for the three of us, thinking Mom would be here long before the Thai food. Not so much.
But thankfully, she arrived about 10 minutes before the event that will now be known henceforth as,
“The Live Tragedy on NBC”.
Epic fail.
So sad.
But it was fun to sit and compare notes on FB, where my thread grew to over 370 comments. In three hours.
I do know me some funny people.

This morning Mom and I went to meet Beth and her daughter, Emily, at the Christmas Tree …. again. There we surprised Emily with the news that we were going to see the Rockettes. This day was a late birthday celebration for her.
We had a lot of fun.
And the show was good.
Here are some pics:





After the show we walked around the city, in the rain, looking at store windows and lights.
Here are some pics:



These two pictures are from Saks 5th Ave.  I don’t really understand why they picked the theme, “Yetis”, but they did.
Ho, Ho, Ho.


The Empire State Building is always lit up in an array of colors this time of year.

After walking until my feet were screaming at me and I was ready to cry, or buy some Uggs at the first place I found some, it was finally time for dinner. We had reservations here:

I ate at this restaurant this time last year with all of my lovely sorority sisters. And tonight the four of us enjoyed it. It really is a cool restaurant, with very nice wait staff and mostly good food.
After dinner we walked over to a theatre to see “Little Miss Sunshine”.
It was very good. And very hilarious!
And we got to meet some of the actors, which was pretty cool. Especially for Emily, who loves, and had previously met, Stephanie J. Block. , whom I had seen several years ago in the Broadway show, “The Boy From Oz”, starring hubba-hubba Hugh Jackman (the hubba-hubbas are mine).
She’s a very good and very well known Broadway actress.
This is her, with Emily.


This is the little girl who played Olive, and played her very, very well.IMG_3667

This guy, who did a fabulously funny job, is Wesley Taylor, whom those of you with discriminating taste will recognize from the now oh-so-unfairly-defunct TV series, “Smash”.  He’s very nice.  And very cute.


And now it is way WAY past my bed time so I’m going to upload this and fall fast asleep.
Night, Peeps.

Happy Friday/Saturday.

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