Thoughts on ……


…… being quarantined.

These may be deep so prepare yourselves.
(Like with a high pair of boots.)

So, how’s everyone handling all of this free time? I know that it’s been isolating, frustrating, stressful and downright boring, but maybe we’re looking at it all wrong.

Instead of feeling trapped and “stuck” …… maybe we should consider this to be all of that magical, illusive amount of time we wanted to get ______ done (fill in the blank).

You know …… if I had all the time in the world I would read that stack of books on my nightstand.

Or …… I wish I had enough time to paint the house.

And …… if I had the time I’d cook more.
Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
Sorry, maybe that one was hilarious to only me.

So, we’ve had about 6 weeks or more of this kind of time. What have you done with it?
Did you learn anything?
Have you checked multiple things off of your To-Do List?

If so …… YOU are a MUCH better person that I am!!!
How is it that I’ve had an almost infinite amount of time and yet haven’t accomplished much?

Here’s a list of things I intended to do (please note: some items were added before the pandemic):

1. Knit a blanket.


2. Knit a mat out of plastic bags.


3. Learn calligraphy/brush lettering.


4. Finish some books.
(Yes, “finish” implies they’ve been started. Yes, all of them.)


5. Tile a tiny bathroom floor.


6. Teach my dog to stop following me EVERYWHERE I go.

7. Finish the illustrated Harry Potter books. (See #4)


8. Start a doodling journal.


9. Go to Spain, Portugal and Italy.
No, not all at once. Italy was going to be 2 weeks after Spain.

10. Learn Portuguese. (See #8. And yesterday’s blog.)

11. Tan my legs.
(You may need sunglasses for this picture.)


12. Blog more.

13. Teach J how to drive.
(That was just to see if you’re still playing attention.)


14. Help potty train E.
(Don’t even start.)


Yes, I realize that I ended on the number 14, which kind of freaks out those of you who are a bit OCD. Which reminds me ……

15. Throw people off balance more.
At least I’ve made some progress on THIS one.

Okay, now that you know how lazy I’ve been …… fess up.

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on ……

  1. Wendie Morgan

    So, I’ve actually been behaving like one of those people I detest.

    1) Huge uncluttering, deep cleaning, organizing.

    2) Kids get up every day at seven to do schoolwork. Staying on a schedule has been helpful.

    3) This week, we are starting a fitness/step count challenge with our FitBit.
    Sadly (luckily?) I don’t have a FitBit.

    On the flip side:

    1) I’ve been pretty profoundly depressed as we work through a semi-estrangement with our oldest.

    2) I’m SO sick of my family. I keep reminding myself how fortunate I am to have this time only three and five years before our younger two go off to college.

    3) My husband just informed me he’ll probably be working from home until (at least) September.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Oh, Wendie …… I’m so sorry about #1 on the flip side. I’ll be keeping you guys in my prayers.
      And way to go on the first 3! Especially the second part of #3!

  2. Malinn Saxe

    Yep – when I think of all the TIME I’ve had – I haven’t read a single book, I haven’t made numerous phone calls to people I want to catch up on, I haven’t done a new hobby! What I have done is spend much more quality time with my husband (go on walks, watch TV together, eat dinner together, etc.), I’ve cleaned out and organized alot of cabinets, and exercise more. Those are my only accomplishments! 😦

  3. Diane B

    1) I pretty much keep things uncluttered and organized. And Mark is the deep cleaner of the house. It works!

    2) I walk every day between 4 and 8 miles.
    3) I don’t turn the tv on until about 8 pm… mainly to escape judgment from my SO.
    4) Making one new recipe a week.

    1) I sleep until 9 am every day… no matter what time I go to sleep. Mark starts work at 6 am since we are in Colorado. That makes me feel bad. But I feed him a good lunch every day (at 10 am).

    2) I take a 1-2 hour nap every day. Perhaps because the tv is not on????

    3) I have yet to start Evie’s Cross stitch birth
    announcement. Yes she’s 6. I haven’t cross stitched in about 27 years. Had 7 eye surgeries since then….awaiting some newfangled eye glasses that allow for more Magnification. In the meantime I’m writing out the pattern (three pink stitches, skip four, four pink stitches…. etc… it’s mind numbing).

    4). Lost the mailbox key to our Colorado house two weeks ago. Post office said it would be one week for replacement. It’s been two weeks. All my Amazon purchases (the special eye glasses included) are being held hostage in the community mail box.

    That about sums it up! Fun times!

      1. Chris, who used to lurk

        I love how Gracie is posing in your pictures! She is adorable. And, I can recommend a really really good self tanner for those legs if you’re interested. That’s how I solved my blinding white legs! LOL I’m amazed by all people have accomplished during quarantine. I’m in California so we’ve been locked down since mid March (although I’m happy to report after 3 months I finally got a haircut and feel human again. LOL) Other than that? We’ve been working like crazy people! We both work remotely normally and our jobs got doubly busy through some strange reality. So, we’re working like crazy. I am doing at least 3 hours a day on my stationary bike while I work. My legs are in great shape. Other than that? There is so much I’d love to get decluttered etc, but there hasn’t been any time. I have done a little cooking, but mostly we’re ordering from Doordash now that they finally deliver to us!

      2. mysecondplana Post author

        Hi, Chris!
        Yep, Gracie is never far from my body. It’s like having a two year old. For years. 🤣
        And yes please on the name of your tanner!!

  4. Cynthia Horacek

    I’ve been quilting; now I have more quilts then I know what to do with; fortunately, my daughter likes them.
    I’ve been watercolor painting; had to pack everything up to go back to Arizona, so now I’m watching a lot of t.v….
    So I’ve been busy packing boxes for storage here in Texas because I’ve been renting a house and now I’m leaving.
    But mostly watching a lot of t.v and giving in to my food cravings.
    I’ve gained 10 lbs….

  5. Lorraine

    I love your blog posts! Your life may not seem exciting to you, but I enjoy following how things have changed for you over the years. You’ve gone from Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad days to being… well, content. Contentment is one reason I stay in touch with my widowed peeps group, so that newly widowed persons can see that there IS life beyond. Don’t give up learning Portuguese. You’ll get there yet.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement, Lorraine. I just had this conversation the other day with some other widowed friends …… how much I needed widows who were “further out”. They gave me hope that I might survive. Even when I didn’t believe it. ESPECIALLY when I didn’t believe it. ❤️


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