One Last Day ……

…… of hanging with one of my children.

Son #3 leaves early tomorrow morning. He’s heading back to Oklahoma to start his Junior year at Oklahoma State. GO COWBOYS!!!!
It’s been so fun to have a child attend the school where Jim and I attended, and most importantly …… met.

It’s been great to go back for football games, especially Homecoming (OSU has THE biggest Homecoming in the world!), Mom’s Weekend, etc. It’s been wonderful to re-connect with my college friends and “sisters”. I loved my time at OSU. Completely and totally loved it.
And am thankful and happy that Son #3 seems to love it, too.

We had a relaxing day today. Gracie and I headed out to Central Park to watch the Broadway show teams play. They usually play on Thursdays. We watched the “Beautiful” team play the “Matilda” team. “Beautiful” won. But the best thing was that the “Matilda” team played under the name of “Maggots”. Loved it! You have to have seen the show/read the book/seen the movie to understand that.

After that, some Central Park worker kicked Gracie Lou out of the area where we were watching the games. He was very rude. Gracie and I have spent many a day in that area, peacefully watching softball games and welcoming tourists to the Park. Gracie is quite the ambassador for NY.
I didn’t go off on the guy, although I really wanted to. I didn’t tell him that we’ve spent the better part of the summer and spring sitting in that exact spot with no problems. But I didn’t.
Instead, I slowly packed up our stuff (slowly enough that it seemed to bother the rude guy) and then we went to sit in the bleachers of the next game, “Jersey Boys” vs “On the 20th Century”.
Now, I totally loved “On the 20th Century”. It was a lot of fun.
But I have to tell you that the “Jersey Boys” team was one heck of a fine looking team.
Very, very fine.
In fact, I found myself sometimes distracted from cheering for “On the 20th Century”.
What can I say? I’m weak when it comes to fine looking men.
So fine.

After watching that game we came back to relax for a bit. Then Son #3 and I went down to the lower east side to watch a free concert at the East River Park. We had great timing because we were able to easily find seats when we got there.
Within 15 minutes after our arrival, there was nary a seat to be found. The place was packed. I have no idea how many people were there, but it was in the several hundreds.
We listened to two bands play and then we headed out to go hang out at the Top of the Rock.


One very interesting thing that happened at the concert is that soon after it started, some guy came up the steps carrying a soft sided cooler filled with small plastic bottles that contained liquids of varying colors.
I have no idea what was in those bottles …… nor did most people …… but I do know that he made a KILLING selling them to thirsty concert attendees! No kidding, he was making money hand over fist. People were coming down the stairs, up the stairs and across their row to get to him. Everyone was under the impression that he mixed up something at home, filled these bottles and then came to the concert to become a wealthy man. At least for this evening.
Here’s a picture where you can sort of see the type of bottle I’m talking about (you can see part of it in the guy’s hands):
They were those small bottles with an orange top. The guy next to me purchased one. When I asked him what the liquid was he replied that he was still trying to figure that out. He thought it might be something alcoholic, yet organic. But “it wasn’t very tasty”.
Shocking, isn’t it?

After that …… on to the Top of the Rock.
It was Son #3’s first time to go up there. And we had a great time. The views were fabulous and the evening was cool. It’s really fun to look out on the beautiful NY skyline and point out areas that we’re familiar with. Like the apartment. No, you can’t see it from there (well, I guess you could if you had some really great binoculars), but you can see Central Park and so know where our building is located.
Here are some pics:






As you can hopefully see, we were there in time for a fireworks show.
No, I have no idea why there were fireworks going off, but go off they did. And for quite a long time. It was beautiful to see.
Whatever the reason.

On our walk back home we walked past the Ed Sullivan Theatre, where David Letterman hosted The Late Show.
I had just asked Son #3 when Stephen Colbert was going to start the new Late Show and wondered if they’d done anything to the theatre.
Talk about perfect timing!




The workmen were putting the new signs up as we watched.
As one chapter ends, another begins.

Such is life, is it not?

3 thoughts on “One Last Day ……


    I love your life! When do you come to Kingwood next! Looking forward to picking your brain on how to do NYC!!! Cindy

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Vicki Mosier

    Great to see S3 in a picture! What a nice time for the two of you to have before he heads back to school. Glad he is staying at OSU!


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