Three Things ……

…… to help make your day a little bit brighter.

1. I’m going to survive.
True, I don’t really know if that will brighten your day, but I’m going to pretend that it will.
It may also be the fever talking.
But it’s a way lower fever than it has been, so I’m going to let it talk.

2. This series is hilarious.
Unless you don’t enjoy Tina Fey. And if you don’t, why are you reading this? We have nothing in common and we wouldn’t be friends.
Go re-evaluate your life.

For the rest of you …… go start binge watching this on NetFlix today.
Here’s the trailer, in case you’re still debating.
And if you are, really?!!

3. This company professes to have the most comfortable underwear, hands down.
So you know me …… always up for a challenge. Especially if it’s an easy one.
They are absolutely right.
If you don’t believe me, just go to and order your own pair. And then let me know what you think.
And no, they aren’t paying me to write this.
I wish!

So there you go.
Three things to brighten your day.
Or maybe two.
If it’s less than that then you really do need to re-evaluate.


2 thoughts on “Three Things ……

  1. Nat

    We just started watching Unbreakable and you are right-it is hilarious! She was one of the guests on Letterman when we were there last month. Did you know we sat on the front row?!!!

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      I did know that, Nat …… in fact, I made sure to watch it that night so that I could spot you two!!!
      So jealous that you got to see Tina!!!
      Glad you like the show, too. It makes me laugh out loud. 🙂


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