So, You Know ……

…… what it’s like when you have small children who get sick and run a fever? You call the doctor’s office and get an appointment for the next day, or for that afternoon if you happen to hit winning jackpots.
(For those of you who don’t have children …… this scenario also works with cars that get sick and have to be taken in to the shop.)
Something magical happens during that brief window of time when your child/car is being examined and their fever completely disappears.
Making you, as a parent/car owner, feel like a complete moron.

Well, that happened to me today.
In a backwards, sort of inside-out kind of way.

As I told you yesterday, I had an appointment this morning for a checkup. Which happened to be nice timing since I inadvertently picked up a Spanish bug/Ebola the day before I returned to the States.
(Doesn’t that sound SO “continental”? The “States”. That’s me. Full of continent.)
I’ve had an obnoxious, sleep-stealing cough since Saturday. But other than the stupid cough, I haven’t felt really bad. And I haven’t run a fever.

At approximately 10:30 a.m. today I had my temperature taken at my doctor’s office. It was 98.8. Still no fever. And when I told them about the cough, which they could hear for themselves, they asked if I had been running a fever. I said no.
During my exam my PA said that my nose was red and inflamed, and she could hear a little bit of noise in the lower part of my lungs, but nothing to be concerned about.
She decided to give me a prescription for a Z pack and told me to get it filled if I didn’t feel better in the next 48 hours. She suspected what I have is viral, but wanted to cover her bases just in case.

I left the office and ran a few errands before getting home around 12:30.
By the time I hauled my groceries into the house I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.
And I also felt like I had a fever.

I put up the groceries, started laundry, ate some lunch and went through all of my mail. At around 2:00 or so I decided to take my temperature. I think it took me at least 30 minutes to find a thermometer …… and the two that I finally found are the old-fashioned kind with mercury in them. Yes, I realize that we’re supposed to throw those things out, but if I had done that I’d never know if I had a fever!
Don’t judge.

So, yeah …… I have a temperature of almost 101.
I’ve had it all afternoon.
God has SUCH a sense of humor.

I’m guessing that I’ll be starting a Z pack tomorrow.

And maybe researching a little bit more about Ebola.


P.S. Hi, Aunt Cathy. Just so you know, Gracie did NOT sleep in the laundry room last night (nor was she ever going to). She slept curled up right against me, where she always sleeps when we’re together.
Oh, and she also spent a fair amount of time on the plane in my lap. Granted, she was in her crate, but her crate was on my lap during a large portion of the flight.
My bark is worse than my bite.

2 thoughts on “So, You Know ……

  1. Lisanne

    Ummm…yeah, Her bark is worse than her bite…unless she’s throwing rocks at someone’s head;) Just sayin’….


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