A Whole Lotta ……

…… Nothin’.

That’s what’s been going on around here.
Well, except for binge watching a few TV series. And while I enjoy Kerry Washington, I can tell you that continuous watching of Olivia Pope reveals a limited range of emotions. She seems to have three: somewhat happy, very ticked off, and very, very bossy.
I like her clothes but I’m getting awfully bored of winter white.

Anyway, the reason that my life has sunk to such a boring low as to critique a tv show character, is that I have spent the last 19 days in a lot of pain. When I went to the doctor on Friday (because isn’t it ALWAYS on a Friday?!), I thought that it had only been 10 days. I was wrong.
I left out an entire week.
Which shows you what pain tends to do to someone after several days.
Or maybe just to me.

It started on my right side, above my hip, just below my waist (or where a waist would be if I had one) and more to the back side. My right “flank”, I discovered, when I decided to google it after several days.
Yeah, like a mare.

I thought that maybe I had over done it at my last barre class in NY, because it started bothering me while I was sleeping that night.
I didn’t have a point of injury, nor felt any pain as if something had happened, so I’m still not too sure where this came from.

I saw an orthopedic on Thursday and he diagnosed it as sciatica, which wasn’t a huge surprise to me, although I’ve never experienced anything like this. The pain moves every day to a different location on my right side. One day it’s below my waist. The next it’s low on my front right side. Then it’s down at the top of my back thigh. Which makes sitting down very, very painful.
As well as walking, lying down, and standing.
Walking up stairs is right out.

The dr. prescribed some steroids and anti-inflammatories. That first evening I started feeling relief and was very hopeful.
But the next morning (yesterday) the pain was back just as bad as the day before and it never really let up.
Ditto today.

This should make grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner very, very interesting tomorrow.
Maybe I’ll just ride one of those scooters and make 15 trips in and out of the store with that little basket.
If you see me out, please refrain from laughing too hard.

In other news, when you’re a puppy that weighs only 2 lbs …… the vet has to do things a wee bit differently:
See that box behind her? It contains mosquito/heart worm prevention meds.
For kittens.
Talk about a sock to the ego!
Not that I’ve told Gracie that. I’m going to spare her that humiliation.

She is still so cute that I’m truly worried about diabetes.
But you can judge that for yourself from the above picture and this one:

She and Son #2’s kitten are slowly becoming friends. But interestingly enough, watching them interact is kind of like watching “Groundhog Day”. They start off each morning fighting and chasing and bopping each other.
Well, the kitten does the bopping. Gracie just runs like the wind and barks.
But by the time evening comes, they’re sitting next to each other and following each other around the room.
And then they go to bed.
And we start all over again.

It’s a lot more entertaining than “90 Day Fiancee”, or “Naked and Afraid”.
Not that I know that personally.

Pain can take you to some really low places.

OK, enough.
I’m now returning to my current binge:
Benedict Cumberbatch.
In “Sherlock”.

I’m only 2 episodes in but I’m finding him thoroughly enjoyable.
Hopefully he won’t pull a Kerry Washington on me.
There’s only so much winter white a person can stand.

7 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta ……

  1. Marilyn

    Sciatica is the worst. You might want to get an MRI – you most likely have disc issue in back. I had it a year ago and spent Xmas bed ridden after having epidural steroid shot etc. I ended having to have micro surgery on my back.

      1. Marilyn

        Yes- surgery solved my issue. I went in at 7:3o am and walked out that afternoon. I had partially ruptured disc, stenosis and bone spurs. I am now back to walking 5 miles a day no pain. X-rays will NOT show issue. Push for an MRI. Epidural shots took most pain away ,but when I talked to folks, most said pain would come back so I opted for surgery to fix the issue.

      2. mysecondplana Post author

        Thanks, Marilyn …… that’s great! I’ll definitely keep that in mind, especially because I think I had an MRI a few years ago that showed some stenosis. I didn’t want to do surgery back at that time and my lovely health insurance (sneer) wouldn’t pay for any treatments. Hopefully this different insurance will.

  2. Maria Oliver

    Hi there. I had sciatica when I was pregnant and it was pretty painful. Have you thought about seeing Audrey Pellicano who does the Healthy Living After Loss Workshops at Camp Widow? I think she is in the NY/NJ area. Hope you feel better soon.
    This is Princess Warrior Widow from CWE and Widowed Village.
    Maria O.

    1. mysecondplana Post author

      Hi Maria!
      I had it, too, with my last two pregnancies, though it was the worst during the last one. I hadn’t thought of Audrey, so thanks for mentioning her. I’ll look her up!!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. auntieali1

    Ugh, sciatica is no fun. I’ve currently got it (I’m 7 months pregnant), and my options for treatment are limited, but I’ve found some relief with a chriopractor. The other suggestions I’ve received are acupuncture (the thought gives me the heebie jeebies!) and massages. Good luck!


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