While I’m Waiting ……

…… for workmen to come long after their appointed time …… what a shock! …… I decided to update you guys.
Cuz I’m just nice like that.
And I have nothing to do since everything has been unpacked and all of that stuff has been thrown into a closet or two.
Because I have no furniture in which to put all that stuff.
It’s going to take me a couple of years to get this house set up.

I love this house.
I love it so much that I’ve been sleeping over here since last Friday.
On a not very comfortable futon.
My back is screaming at me.

It’s strange. The pain started behind my left shoulder blade, then moved to the center and spread behind both shoulder blades, and now today it’s behind my right shoulder blade.
What the what?!

Of course, this morning on the Today Show they talked with two doctors who said that one of the signs of a heart attack in women is pain behind the shoulder blades.
Which means I should’ve died Monday night.

Seriously though, I know it’s not that kind of pain. It’s definitely muscular.
It’s a dang good thing I don’t have to go to barre class. I’d most likely just slump down and cry.
And therefore, look like an idiot.
Another whoop for not doing that!

While packing up my bathroom yesterday, I came upon the first of what may be several emotional bombs.
But I did ok.
After a bit.

These tiny things are casts. The green one was for Son #1, when he broke his arm at the age of 3. So tiny!
The other two were for Daughter #3,when she broke her arm the week after Son #1 got his cast removed. She was 5.
They both fell from separate jungle gyms.
When Jim met me at the orthopedics office (which I went straight to for the daughter, rather than to the pediatrician, the e.r. or a clinic …. it wasn’t my first rodeo), I told him as I was filling out the paperwork and the description of the accident, “If this happens again we’ll have to find a new ortho. I’m sure CPS would find it hard to believe that our children are that clumsy on jungle gyms.”

But, thank the good Lord, no one else suffered the same playground accident.
It’s possible that’s because we made sure they were terrified of those child-marring, nightmare-inducing, demonic jungle gyms.
The casts went into the trash.
Thus, the pictures.

As for the packing, thank the good Lord again, that Loews gave such clear instructions …
… because we all certainly know how migraine-inducing and Mensa-challenging it is to fold a box.

Well, that’s all for now.
The security guy is here and I need to get back to watching, “Out of Africa”, seeing if he needs my input or assistance.
Busy, busy!

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