Ten Newly Discovered ……

…… great things about living where it’s cold in the winter.
Like, freezing cold.

1. You never have to worry about putting ice in your water bottle. The water gets very cold, very fast as you
walk outside.
2. Hot flashes don’t last nearly as long in 20-degree weather.
3. Cute sweaters!
4. There are very few people standing outside smoking.
5. No disgusting humidity.
6. Cute boots!
7. Your sinuses tend to stay clearer when your nose runs.
8. Hot chocolate/apple cider.
9. Cute scarves!

And the number 10 great thing about living where it’s freezing cold in the winter:

10. Snow angels!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Ten Newly Discovered ……

  1. Phyllis

    I am so glad you still have this blog. I get to experience so many things though your eyes that I would have never otherwise seen. Thank you.


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