Six Years ……

…… and not enjoying the counting.

Here are a few pictures from my day.

I had lunch with my friend Kelley, who also finds December 18th a difficult day.  It’s the day that her husband proposed to her, at this tree (well, not THIS tree, but at the tree that stood here that year). After lunch we both walked towards the tree and then went our separate ways. We both had memories to process and thoughts to think.
I spent some time there, right up at the base of the tree. This was the first time I got that close. That sucker is huge!

IMG_3738 IMG_3739 IMG_3740

Then I spent some time watching the skaters. It’s such a neat place and the tree is a beautiful background.
IMG_3741 IMG_3742 IMG_3743 IMG_3746

After spending time there I walked around the area, taking pictures of the various Christmas decorations:
IMG_3751 IMG_3752 IMG_3753 IMG_3754 IMG_3756

I attempted to go in the Magnolia Bakery, but it was hugely crowded, plus a bride and groom were taking pictures in there. Not exactly what I wanted to watch while standing in line. But I’m happy for them. Whoever they were.

I spent some time browsing the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. I love that place. I can kill a good hour looking at all of the cool things they have.
I bought some Christmas cards, only to later realize that my address book is back in Houston. So if you don’t get a card from me, that’s because your address is down south this year.

I walked home after that and worked on a few things in the apartment. Then Daughter #3 and I went to a small group dinner/Christmas party with our church group. I hadn’t planned on going, but I figured it was a much better idea than sitting home alone tonight.
And it was. I’m glad I went.

It’s now after midnight here, so one more year down.
It wasn’t a difficult day, but I did feel wistful …… and sad at times.
I know that’s par for the course.

I miss that man.
And though I’m where I want to be and life is good …… I always will.

5 thoughts on “Six Years ……

  1. Debbie

    I can’t imagine the 6 year mark. I’m still trying to swim through the 14 month mark. I hope one day to be where you are. You’re amazing Janine.

  2. Jo

    Thanks for sharing your day with those who care so much for you. It helps us get our prayers right & not be so vague. How I love & miss you.

  3. Linda jones

    Love your New York pictures. I have never been there so seeing it throu your eyes is fun. Hope your holiday with your kids is wonderful.

  4. Vicki Mosier

    So glad you are in a city you love with lots to do and see, and with daughters who love you! I can sense the serenity in your heart this year. I love you!


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