I May Have Spoken ……

…… a wee bit too soon.

You know …… about that whole “liking the cold” thing.
I just took this picture:


I know.  You can’t make out anything other than CNN.  I’m not sure why that is.
Other than maybe my cell phone was freezing up for the 3 seconds it was outside my window.
I’ll tell you what it says. 2:00 a.m. and 28 degrees.
Yep. Twenty eight.
But here’s the rub: according to weather.com …… and my body as I walked home from the subway …… it feels like 15 degrees.
Ye gods!

It snowed earlier tonight. Here and in New Jersey, where I was.
Why was I in New Jersey, you’re asking.
It certainly wasn’t to watch my awesome OSU Cowboys tromp all over my-almost-as-amazing Baylor Bears (I sent an equally amazing amount of money to that school. I figure that they can be my #2 team. Especially since it’s more than likely that the money I sent for tuition probably went to the football program.)
And tromp those Cowboys certainly did.
But I digress.

I’ll start at the beginning. Of my day, that is.
I awoke to a yowling, pain-in-the-neck-cat. While we have company, Oliver is staying in my bedroom at night.
Because I’m just that nice of a hostess.
But when dawn breaks, Jack sits outside my bedroom door, taunting and teasing Oliver. And Oliver falls for it. Every. Single. Time.
So, being the good cat owner that I am …… I put Oliver in my bathroom and shut the door. And went back to bed.
Muffled yowls are better than un-muffled yowls.

After another 30 minutes or so I decided to get up.
No, it didn’t make much difference, in the end.
But I got up on MY terms.

And walked into my living room with suitcases that seemed to have exploded overnight (Daughter #2 and a good friend arrived yesterday afternoon).
And I enjoyed the sight.
Of course, tomorrow morning Son #1 and Daughter #4 (no, I don’t really have 4 daughters, but she’s been a room mate of Daughters 2 and 3 for so long that she’s now #4) arrive. Adding more suitcases to my living room.
We’ll see how much I enjoy it by Tuesday.

At around noon, my friend Beth arrived.
And we all set out to meet my friend Kelley at the Brooklyn Flea Market.
Which, on line, looks like this:


But in reality looked more like this:
It was quite a let down.

So we decided to have lunch, which was really good, at a place called Burger 67.
And then we decided to go to the flea market I visited last weekend, where I bought this:
Photo on 11-17-13 at 9.06 PM
Mostly because I discovered a couple of missing lids so I thought I’d check with the guy who sold the set to me.

Now, on line, this flea market looks like this:
But today, looked like this:
That’s because last weekend was the last weekend.
For the year.
Go figure.

So, after that fiasco, Beth and I took our leave of Kelley (the daughters and friend had splintered off to shop for warm clothes on the way to flea bust #2) and headed to New Jersey to see her daughter’s dance program.
Once we arrived we were welcomed by this sight:


Which made me laugh right out loud.  Because see that white bar, hanging from the ceiling, and yet sitting on top of that guy’s cab?
Well, these two words were painted, quite largely, on that bar:  “TOO TALL”.
I guess that guy didn’t really know how tall was “too tall”. So of course I had to go back and take a picture before he moved his truck. A guy walking by congratulated me on getting a good pic.
What the what?
I don’t know. I’m just blaming it all on the fact that I was in New Jersey.

So, we went to the dance program, which was a very modern take of “Swan Lake”.
Here’s Beth’s beautiful and very talented daughter, pre-show:

She did a great job and the show was very interesting. And good.
Though I may have checked my ESPN app more than once to keep up with the football game.
And Beth’s son, who sat next to me and whose phone was fully charged (unlike mine which had about 10% by then), kept me updated on the game …… and every single touch down.
He rocks.

After the show Beth drove me back to the train station (about an hour away).  We sat and visited and watched the snow, which looked like a blizzard at one point, until about 10 minutes before the train was scheduled to arrive.
Nature was calling and I figured I’d tend to that before the train arrived.
I figured wrong.
It seems that the lovely state of New Jersey closes that train station, and it’s toasty warm waiting room, and it’s rest rooms, at 9:00 p.m.
Even though trains continue to arrive and leave until well after mid-night.

But, the train arrived (after a 10 minute delay) and I spent the next 90 minutes reading a book that Beth had brought for me.
And checking my quickly dying phone for updates to the game. Whoop!

After about 3 stops, a truly irate, foul-mouthed lunatic got on the train. And walked into the car I was in.
And then proceeded to yell and curse and curse and yell at everyone in that car.
I may have slunk down in my seat just a bit.
Because the car was mostly empty and I really didn’t want to end up in the headlines of tomorrow’s today’s newspaper.
I averted my eyes and tried to concentrate on the book.
Eventually, he became even more irate that no one was responding to him so he decided to scream his way into the next car.
Lucky them.
Luckier us.

I made it to my stop and walked up the stairs, only to come outside and find that the temps had continued to drop and the wind had continued to pick up. In fact, I received wind warnings on my phone, saying that Manhattan was being severely beaten about with extremely high winds.
And they weren’t kidding.

I was very relieved to make it to my lobby.
Where the warmth and Christmas spirit was awaiting me.
Because this was done yesterday and today:

There’s another tree on the right side, but out of the picture.
It’s quite lovely.

OK, it’s now almost 3 a.m.
I’m pooped.
And you’ve been as entertained as you’re going to be at this hour.

Thanks for reading.
And remember …… always know the height of your car/truck before entering a parking garage.
You never know who’s blog you’ll end up being on.

Happy Saturday/Sunday, Peeps.

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