2014 ……

…… is here.
Believe it …… or not.
Sometimes I’m in the “not” category.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to TX and then on to Oklahoma for what I believe will be a beautiful wedding.
And time spent with friends.
Then back to TX to hopefully spend some time with my Texan sons before heading back here to NY.

And of course I haven’t even pulled a suitcase out of a closet.
Oh well.

New Year’s Eve was a quiet night for me.
Daughters #2 and #3 had several friends over to the apartment for a party. I decided to hang in my room and watch the event in Times Square on TV. I didn’t really feel like I belonged in the 20-something crowd, though I know they would’ve welcomed me.
It was that kind of night.
At about 11:50 I made my way to Central Park to await the midnight announcement with fireworks. It was great.
And long.
I think that they lasted about 20 minutes.
As soon as I figure out how to upload a video I’ll try to post it.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our evening at The Stand, the comedy club where Daughter #3 and I performed a couple of weeks ago.
Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance, as did Judah Friedlander (also of “30 Rock”), who performed with us last time.
We had a fun time.

Sunday night the girls and I attempted to attend a church service, which …… unbeknownst to us or anyone else in our crowd …… had been cancelled.
But on the way we passed Cafe Lalo, where we had brunch a couple of weeks ago (you remember, the one that was in “You’ve Got Mail”). So I took a pic:

Here are the comedy club pictures:



Here are the New Year’s Eve in Central Park pictures:



So there you go …… another couple of days in NYC.
I love this place.

Happy New Year’s, Peeps.
I wish you a peaceful and joy-filled 2014.

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